Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“Sweet Charity” at the Pioneer Theatre Company


Charity Hope Valentine is a dancehall girl who dreams of love and believes the man of her dreams is just around the corner. A great score, including the songs “If My Friends Could See Me Now” and “Hey Big Spender!”, incredible dancing and one of the most memorable heroines of the past sixty years combine to make Sweet Charity a must-see show. Never before produced at PTC,Sweet Charity is a razzle-dazzle closer for the 2013-14 season.

May 9 - May 24, 2014

7:30p.m. Monday- Thursday Evenings
8:00p.m. Friday and Saturday Evenings
2:00p.m. Saturday Matinees

Admission: $38-$54

Pioneer Theatre Company
300 S 1400 E
Salt Lake City, UT

Purchase tickets

This is a sponsored calendar event.

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Utah 2014 Summer Reading Programs

Summer Reading Programs

It’s time to prepare your kids for summer break by signing them up for the summer reading programs going on this year.

Click on the image below to find complete information about that program and how to sign up.

Below are some programs we have found. If you know of one we have forgot, please email us at contact@enjoyutah.org. Thanks!



univ of utah reading

Sylvan Book Adventure

Utah State Fair

Weber State University


Pizza Hut

Information Coming Soon:

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Utah Outdoor Summer Movies 2014

utah outdoor summer movies

Below is a list of outdoor movies happening in Utah this Summer.

In most cases, the movie is free, but please check with the organization in charge of the event to verify fees, as well as the start time. The schedule below can sometimes change without my knowledge, so please check with the original organizer (link included) to verify up-to-date information.

If you know of a park/place we have forgot, please leave a comment on this post, or email us at contact@enjoyutah.org and we will get it added. Check back often….this listing will grow as we learn about more!

Salt Lake County

  • Redwood Drive-In (check website for schedule)
  • Utah State Capitol schedule and more locations coming soon!

Utah County


Davis County


Weber County


Washington County
(Thanks Dixie Dollar Deals for the info on this part of Utah!)

Tooele County

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Utah Kids’ Summer Movie Programs - 2014

Kids Summer Movies

Summer is right around the corner, and the theatres are already gearing up for their kids’ summer movie programs.

The Summer Movie Programs all around the state are the perfect opportunity to take your kids to the movies without paying a lot. Most of these movies are rated PG or G, and are the perfect Summer activity.

(Stay tuned for our “Movies In The Park” listing!)

Click the title of the theatre below for complete information.

Below are some programs we have found. If you know of one we have forgot, please email us at contact@enjoyutah.org.

Megaplex Theatres
12 locations all over Utah to choose from! Tickets available for purchase at Guest Services. Kids and accompanying parents or guardians will enjoy 10 classic G or PG rated family films.* One film each week at participating Megaplex locations. Summer Movies begin the first week in June. Check the Kids Summer Movie schedule by clicking on the theatre picture above for your favorite Megaplex location. School, District, or PTA Rebates/Discounts Available!


Cinemark Theaters
Stay tuned! Their information isn’t posted yet, but should be soon! Follow the link above.

Scera Summer Kids’ Summer Matinee Program
Located in Orem, the Scera indoor theatre has two different movie series available, each featuring 11 of the most current and popular family movies on the big screen for an absolutely amazing price! Make it a summer tradition for you and your children! There are two different movie series available, each featuring 11 of the most current and popular family movies on the big screen for an absolutely amazing price!

cinema_series_logo (2)

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Friday Night Fever “Disco Party” at Gardner Village


This Friday night, April 25th 2014, my hubby and I will be DJing the Friday Night Fever party at Gardner Village. The fun begins at 6pm and goes until 10pm. There is NO admission fee, so you can save your money to spend on all the far-out deals in the shops!

Make sure to come and say hi to me at my DJ booth at the main plaza.

Visit the Gardner Village website for complete details. Gardner Village is located at 1100 West 7800 South.

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Spring Projects on Your Radar?

Spring Projects-cuteproject

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Spring is upon us and it’s time to start tackling some spring cleaning projects! Do you have a lot of junk in your garage or home? Are you planning to remodel, redecorate, or redo a room in your house this spring or summer? Do you have a lot of home related items not is use that are taking up a lot of your space? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the junk you need to get rid of just might be the perfect solution for someone in need.

Did you know that Habitat for Humanity has a ReStore? These stores are like the Salvation Army for building materials and home related items. The ReStore accepts donations and sells the items at a reduced cost to the public. All proceeds go toward building Habitat for Humanity homes for families in the area who need safe and affordable housing.

Johnny McCoy of Knotty Alder Cabinets has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for years and filled me in on how this organization is helping the community. Here are some other things you may not know about Habitat for Humanity:

Habitat for Humanity has franchises. Each city or county may have their own branch so they can focus exclusively on local projects.

75% of the homes built by Habitat for Humanity house children.

Most branches will build 5 or 6 brand new homes every year.

So now that you know that you can donate some of your stuff to this great organization, it’s important to take a look at what kind of items you can donate. Here are the items that you can donate to the ReStore:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Doors & windows
  • Unused flooring
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Light fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Paint
  • Bricks & stone
  • Lumber
  • Large tools (saws, pruners, tillers, ladders, sanders, power drills, etc.)

Spring Projects-couchThe ReStore does NOT accept the following items. You will need to box these items up and take them to a goodwill store instead:

  • Dishes, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Baby supplies
  • Toys
  • Used mattresses
  • Used carpet
  • Items that offer no redeeming value to anyone

You can do a quick Google search to find the ReStore location nearest you. Make sure you contact your local ReStore to find out when they are open to accept donations, as you cannot leave donations when the store is closed. You can also contact the store to schedule a donation pickup if you are not able to transport the items to the store yourself.

Spring Projects-toollibraryIf you do drop off your donation, you may want to take some time to check out what’s available inside the store. At this point you may be questioning my judgment. Didn’t I just encourage you to get rid of stuff? Yes I did, so don’t fall into the trap of accumulating more things you don’t need! Instead take the chance to look around the store to see if there is something inside that will be a perfect fit for your upcoming spring or summer projects.

Now here comes another fun fact about the ReStore you probably haven’t heard. Most ReStore locations also have a tool library. The tool library is like a book library, but with home and yard tools. While a few rules do apply, the library lends out these tools for free. If you need help getting your yard, home, or even re-purposing projects completed this spring or summer, you should definitely check out the tool library at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Whether you are cleaning out, organizing, re-purposing, or planning a home improvement project in the near future, be sure to check out the great resources available at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

About the author:

photoWhitney Hollingshead is an optimist, a dreamer, and a professional writer.  She loves learning and sharing tips, tricks, and fun facts with others.  In her spare time she thrives on coming up with fun and creative solutions for everyday opportunities, especially when the solutions enable her to spend more time with family and friends.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Things to do in Moab

There are so many great adventures for families in Moab. From petroglyphs, to dinosaur tracks, to bird refuges, to museums, to ghost towns, you'll find it here! We even review the National Parks. Click on the link to find out what to do in Moab, or visit Utah Valley Family Adventures.

Arches National Park: This the reason that many families come to Moab. Plan to spend at least 2 days in the park in you intend to hike Delicate Arch. There is a Junior Ranger Program and many small hikes.

Canyonlands National Park: The north end of Canyonlands, called Island in the Sky, is located north of Moab. There are hikes to several interesting places including prehistoric buildings, a geological feature called the Dome, and an arch. Plan to spend a little more than a half day at Canyonlands.

Dead Horse Point State Park: Dead Horse Point is across the street from Canyonlands. Between the two parks, plan to spend a day. Dead Horse Point has a few great vistas, a small visitor's center, hiking, and a Junior Ranger program.

Sego Ghost Town: The town of Sego existed from 1910-1955. Located just 3 miles off I-70, you can easily stop and see some old coal town ruins. There are several mostly intact shacks and a huge company store. Make sure to stop by the Sego Canyon Petroglyphs, too.

Sego Canyon Petroglyphs: There are both painted and etched rock art panels located in Sego Canyon. Some beautiful examples of prehistoric work takes you just a few miles out of your way on your trip south to Moab. Turn off at the little town of Thompson, and check out the ghost town, too.

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Track: Copper ridge dinosaur tracks just north of Moab has three different kinds of dinosaur tracks. A huge sauropod, an allosaurus and and a small track are all well preserved in the mud. The hike is short, and the track is two miles off the highway.

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail: This short trail takes you past many dinosaur fossils embedded in the rock. Interpretive signs help you understand the fossils and their history.

Poison Spider Dinosaur Track: Poison Spider dinosaur track is located on the road to Potash. There are interesting petroglyphs to see along the drive to the trackway. A short fairly challenging climb leads you to one of the most perfect dinosaur sites we've ever seen (you can also see it through binoculars if the hike is too much).

Matheson Wetlands Preserve: The preserve is located on the outskirts of Moab and is home to many birds at the right time of year. To get away from the crowds, check out the boardwalks on the preserve.

Museum of Moab: The Museum of Moab houses objects from the history of Moab including dinosaur times, prehistoric people times, and pioneer times. Our boys really enjoyed playing the player piano and looking for toy lizards hidden among the displays.

Kane Creek Petroglyphs: Along Kane Creek Road in Moab, you can find several stops for petroglyphs. Moon Flower Canyon and a rock with petroglyphs on all four sides including the famous "birthing scene," can all be found by driving along Kane Creek Road.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tanzania Cancer Center–Kilimanjaro

 photo BUTTON-2_zps3f01589e.png

The following message and fundraiser was created by my cousin’s husband, Colby Thackeray. In the same week that he will get to meet his first baby, he will also bury his beloved mother. I cannot imagine the emotions he is feeling as he says goodbye to one loved one, and hello to another. For him to be thinking of others at this time of great emotions and wanting to bring cancer treatment centers to those without access is truly amazing and touching. – Michelle Powell, Enjoy Utah founder

Created by Colby Thackeray on April 16, 2014


In March 2015, a select group of largely amateur mountaineers will climb the tallest mountain on the African continent in a fundraising endeavor to bring cancer services to the surrounding community in Moshi, Tanzania. No cancer center currently exists in that region of Tanzania. All funds raised through this climb will go directly to the building of this cancer center. Our team will carry prayer flags in honor of those who have faced the struggle of cancer head on. High at the summit, we will fly these flags, which are inscribed with names of individuals who have in some way been afflicted by cancer (radiating hope).

I had thought about doing this as soon as I found out about it.  My mother passed yesterday, April 15th, and it has now become a priority to climb in her honor.  My mothers prayer flag is one of the flags and I've been granted permission to carry her flag to the summit.  It would be an honor and emotional journey I will never forget, and to be able to help a region with no ability to treat cancer will make it that much sweeter.  The funds will cover my adventure, but the majority goes to www.radiatinghope.org.  This foundation was founded by the gentleman, Dr. Brandon Fisher, that has been treating my mother over the course of the last 2 and a half years.

This horrible disease affects everyone at some point in their life and it is up to us to encourage and give hope to those battling this disease. This climb is not to only remember our mother, but to give hope to those that may feel they have been forgotten. We need to give to people that do not have access so that they may be able to have a fighting chance. If we all join together we can make this happen and we can give love, comfort, support and the proper resources to those who are fighting for their life.

"Climbing a mountain is a perfect symbol of an individual patient's battle with cancer. Oftentimes, as you climb higher and higher, you feel the physical strain of the climb, and also sometimes the sickness that goes along with high altitudes. Yet you climb on! The summit in your sights, you push through physical pain, mental exhaustion and push yourself to new physical and emotional heights"(radiatinghope.org)

Thank you for your support!
Colby Thackeray

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Things to do in Delta

Delta might seem like it's in the middle of nowhere, but we found some really great activities for families there. If you are planning a trip near Delta, check out these cool places that we enjoyed at Utah Valley Family Adventures.

Great Basin Museum: Located on Main Street in Delta, this museum has a lot of pioneer history of this area. There are great period pieces, and the museum is free (donation suggested).

Snow Goose Festival: Every year in February, migrating snow geese stop at the reservoir outside Delta. Up to 20,000 geese can be viewed in one of the most spectacular migration scenes in the western United States.

The Great Stone Face: This short hike takes you to a large basalt stone known as the Great Stone Face. Early pioneers saw the face of their slain Prophet Joseph Smith in this rock, and it became a place of pilgrimage for Delta residents.

Fort Deseret: Early pioneers in Utah built many adobe forts in the small towns of central Utah because they were afraid of the Indians. All of those forts were later taken down so the towns could advance-- except for Fort Desert. This fort still stands in a recognizable state.

Territorial Statehouse State Park: Utah's capital was originally in the small town of Fillmore just down the road from Delta. Later, for convenience, the capital was moved to Salt Lake, but not before President Millard Fillmore gave $20,000 for the building. Since those days, the capital has served as a prison, and school, and now a museum.

Yuba Lake State Park: This state park is all about camping and water sports. If you are a boater, a swimmer, or enjoy the beach, you'll enjoy your time spent at Yuba Lake State Park, which is located east of Delta.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

“Because Of Him” Easter Initiative

Because of Him

Beginning Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014, and running through Easter, April 20, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is launching an Easter initiative called “Because of Him,” focusing on the hope, healing, and salvation made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

(Enjoy Utah readers are getting the chance to see it one day before the launch!)

Elder David F. Evans, Executive Director of the Missionary Department, said, “As followers of Jesus Christ, we seek to do as He has instructed: ‘Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.’ The ‘Because of Him’ Easter initiative is part of an ongoing effort to follow the Savior’s admonition.”

Read more about this campaign on lds.org.

400 Goodbye meme

#BecauseOfHim I know that this life isn't all there is. We will see our loved ones again, and we will live again. We will hold those precious babies that we never got the chance to hold just one more day. #BecauseOfHim, I can feel peace, and know there is hope.

(View the “Because Of Him” message in Spanish or Portuguese.)

BOH-photo-challenge_01 (1)

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Utah Easter Events 2014

Easter button

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 20th. Below are some fun activities and events to celebrate this special holiday.

If you know of an event or activity we have forgot, please email us at contact@enjoyutah.org. Check back often! ……This list will grow as we hear about more events!

You can also check our Calendar page for reader-submitted events.

#BecauseOfHim Easter Initiative

Salt Lake County

Utah County

Wasatch/Summit County

Tooele County

Davis County

Weber County

Grand County

Washington County

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Great Book For Your Salt Lake Spring/Summer Adventures!


Limited-Time Discount:
This would be a fabulous gift to purchase for somebody for a birthday or Mother’s Day! Buy a handful now, and keep on hand to give as birthday gifts throughout the year! For a limited time you can get 20% off when you use coupon code enjoyutah20. Books can be ordered on the PlaydateSLC website. The books are not available in large stores yet, so the website is the only way to get them.

About the book:

I was recently introduced to a new book out called “Playdate With Salt Lake City and Utah’s Wasatch Front” by Emily Smith Robbins and Meilani Smith Kongaika, and was so excited when I received this book that I couldn’t wait to review it and tell you how fabulous it is!

This is a great book full of resources for parents when looking for something to do with their family. Organized into 20 different sections makes it easy for parents to find what they are looking for. Even though it’s a Salt Lake City resource book, they even include places along the Wasatch Front, including Park City, Heber and other fun places that you need to know about out of Salt Lake City.

“Utah is a great place for families,” said Jeanette Herbert, First Lady of Utah. “We have wonderful parents who are involved in their children’s lives. But building strong families does take some work and planning. A guide to activities and places of interest throughout the state can assist you in planning and discovering your own family memory-making traditions and adventures.”

Each listing has information about hours, location, parking information, food information and what to expect while visiting that specific place. They have also included other places close to that location, so that you can plan your entire day without driving all over the valley!

I was also impressed with the high quality, color photographs included with each listing. The authors personally visited each location with their families in order to give you a complete, honest description of the specific attraction.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is an appendix at the back of the book with more resources, including online resources (such as Enjoy Utah!), family friendly theaters, maps, parental support groups and an alphabetical listing.

“Meilani Kongaika and Emily Robbins are like many Utah moms who want to spend quality time with their children, while exposing them to new experiences,” Herbert said. “What a tremendous resource this book is for parents!”

View a sample of this book on the Playdate Salt Lake City website.
Connect with Playdate With Salt Lake City:


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