Monday, June 06, 2016

GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: Rodizio Brings Back Americano Summer BBQ Fest!

Due to its popularity last summer, Rodizio Grill has brought back their Americano Summer BBQ Fest, taking place at participating locations June 1 through Labor Day.

The BBQ ribs are a definite must!
“Due to last year’s popular demand, we have extended BBQ Fest by one month this summer,” stated Ivan Utrera, Founder of Rodizio Grill. “Rodizio Americano BBQ Fest was created as an embodiment of my fond childhood memories enjoying summer barbeques with my family and friends. It’s American BBQ with a Brazilian touch."

In addition to its already popular meat and salad bar menu, the Americano Summer BBQ Fest items are available during dinner hours only, at no additional cost. 

My favorite Americano BBQ item was the barbeque ribs. I loved them last year, but this year they were even better. I also loved that the mac 'n cheese had chives and bacon cooked into it. Their salad bar is always a big hit, and the new items added in, such as the corn bread, makes it even better.

The traditional Brazilian foods that we have to have while eating at Rodizio Grill are the cheeseballs, Guarana (Brazilian soda), and of course the dessert!
Their salad bar is always a big hit, and the new items added in,
such as the corn bread, makes it even better.

Connect with Rodizio Grill for more information:
I was provided with a complimentary meal to try the new menu and write my review. I was not compensated financially, nor was I persuaded or required to write any specific type of review. The views and opinions in this review are all my own.


Two lucky winners will receive a certificate for a complimentary full Rodizio (includes all you can eat rotisserie grilled meats, glazed pineapple, a gourmet salad bar, and authentic Brazilian sides).

What you need to know:
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter
  • Last day to enter is Monday June 13th 2016 at 11:59pm
  • Two winners will be chosen to each receive one certificate for a complimentary full Rodizio. Winner must reply within 24 hours and provide mailing address, or a new winner will be chosen. We are not held reliable if for any reason winner does not receive notification email. This includes, but is not limited to, lack of internet service, wrong email address connected with Facebook account, junk email filtering, or any other reason winner does not receive message after it has been sent out.
  • Enjoy Utah and Rodizio is not held responsible for lost certificates after they have been dropped in the mail.
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

REVIEW and DISCOUNT: Odysseo by Cavalia

By, Russell Powell
If you haven’t seen any advertising for Cavalia then you probably haven’t left your house in the last month. The billboards are everywhere, even fliers in a lot of businesses. There are even memes about it. Michelle was unavailable for Cavalia’s media night, and I jumped at the chance, because of the ticket price, thinking we might not be able to afford it otherwise. I picked up my horse loving mom, “Momo”, and headed to the giant white tent in the South Towne Mall parking lot, Sandy.

When I was telling friends that I was going, invariably, the very first question was, “Tell me if it is worth the cost”. So, let me answer that and get it out of the way. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Did I say, “Yes”?  What I meant was it is worth EVERY penny. I highly recommend it. So much so that I am trying to find time to take Michelle. Momo keeps posting and messaging me about the wonderful time she had and how she would like to go back (hint, hint).

Not only did we enjoy the food,
but we went back for seconds!
We were treated to the V.I.P. experience, which included access to the V.I.P. tent, dinner, fourth row tickets, dessert, and access to the cast and stable after the show. Shortly after we arrived, we were escorted into the tent with a mini boutique, lounge area with couches, tables, horse paintings, and an area for drinks, and popcorn. In the middle of the room were two long serving tables where a buffet-style dinner awaited. 

The food was a European inspired mix of rolls, quiche, various salads, select proteins, and even raw ahi tuna with caviar. The drink bar was fully stocked with full-time bartenders who served both non-alcoholic beverages and libations. Some people didn’t enjoy the meal, as many of the flavors were not typical for the Salt Lake area.  My mom is an amazing cook, and not only did she enjoy it, she went back for seconds. There was a man pacing around the room, making sure that all the servers were working quickly and efficiently. It turned out that he was the head chef from Montreal. They not only fed the V.I.P. guests but also provide two meals each day for all staff and performers.

The performance was breathtaking. There were different scenes, similar to a Cirque du Soleil and other performances that you would find on Broadway or in Vegas. The difference is the incorporation of the trained horses who take center stage. There are words to describe Cavalia, though I don’t believe my words would do it justice. The closest I could come would be that it is as a vivid dream, something that has to be viewed first hand. When the horses come over the three story hill, I was pulled into the imagery of Cavalia like no other performance before. The carrousel blew me away.

The costumes were also amazing!
As a wedding DJ, the thing I noticed the most was the production value. Because of the enclosed setting, the high quality speakers, and as enthralling as the colorful background is, you could watch the whole performance and not realize the music was live unless you looked around. They had musicians who adjusted the music to match the horse movements, both in tempo and in length. Truly a world-class show, well worthy of the praise and cost.

We waited around in the VIP area at the end of the show to talk to the media coordinator and the performers. They come from all over the world to live with Cavalia as it tours the country. It takes about two weeks to completely break down and move from one city to the next. My mom’s favorite part of the evening was going to the stables and seeing the horses up close. Each one has his own personality. They use different breeds of horses including Mustangs, Arabians, and ones from Spain called Andalusian. While we couldn’t touch any of them, they are majestic to behold up close.

You may never get another chance to see Cavalia. As of right now, shows will end the first week of June. It is not often that we have preforming arts of the highest quality that mixes nature and man, acrobatics, music, and visual imagery in our own backyard. It is truly “the most amazing show”. Thank you, Odysseo, for the opportunity to experience it first-hand.

View videos on our Facebook page and Instagram account

10% discount for Enjoy Utah followers*
Use promotional code SOCIALUT when purchasing tickets online at
* This promo code is valid on all evening shows for Gold and above ticket categories.
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

REVIEW: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Empress Theatre

All photos courtesy Deanne Jones
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
May 13 - June 4, 2016
Friday and Saturday night performances at 7:30pm
Matinee performances May 21 & 28, and Monday night performance May 23 

Blake Yelavich as Pharaoh
After hearing so many things about Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice's production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, I was excited to finally get the chance to see it at The Empress Theatre. My mother-in-law has seen it countless times, and accompanied me to the opening night performance.

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of the best examples of musical theater storytelling," said show producer Amy Metler. "It is a tale of a young man with great strengths, who stays true to himself and by doing so achieves great things."

The bases of the story is that of Joseph in the Bible who is sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous
brothers, but the production adds a few fun elements in the form of song, dance, comedy, and even an Elvis-like Pharaoh. Interaction during this production was also an added surprise.

"It is a powerful story we can all learn from," Metler said. "Our hope is that this production simply tells that story making every morsel as rich and engaging as the next."

As always at The Empress, we immediately noticed and loved the change of scenery from the last performance we attended there. Credit goes to Devin Johnson for transforming this charming little theater into ancient Egypt, thousands of years ago.

The entire cast was amazing, but standout performances of the night came from Johnny Hebda as Joseph, Melissa Holm as The Narrator, Perry Whitehair as Jacob, and Blake Yelavich as Pharaoh. My mother-in-law has seen this production many times over the years and at many different places, and commented that last night was her favorite of them all.

The grief of Jacob over losing a son was felt throughout the audience, even through the "celebrating" of the other brothers as Jacob walked across the stage with head hung low from grief. Another touching moment was the embrace between father and son at the end when they were reunited. I noticed a few tears in the audience from the emotion that was felt from Hebda and Whitehair.

We were wowed by the vocal abilities of Hebda and Holm, and enjoyed their performances throughout the entire production.

Blake Yelavich portrayed an Elvis-like Pharaoh, and did so brilliantly. He had us laughing at his mannerisms and interactions with the Narrator and other ladies of Egypt.

We also enjoyed watching and hearing the Children's Chorus.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is now playing Fridays and Saturdays now through June 4 at 7:30pm, with matinees on May 21 and 28, and a special Monday night performance on May 23. Tickets can be purchased online or at The Empress Theatre box office in Magna.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

REVIEW: Imagination Movers

The Imagination Movers came to Utah a few weeks ago and performed at the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts in Park City, it was a show that wasn't only fun for the young children in the crowd, but the adults as well!

The Imagination Movers songs are one of the fans' favorite things about them, and the crowd enjoyed singing and following along with the actions. Another favorite part of the show was when the balloons were sent into the crowd. 

It was great that the Imagination Movers came into the crowd to interact with the audience, and didn't just stay on the stage the entire time. 

See more highlights in the pictures and video below:


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Thursday, April 14, 2016

FREE Star Parties for 2016

Spring is here, which means the start of the Star and Sun Parties with the Salt Lake Astronomical Society! This is one of our favorite things about winter coming to an end, and we are so grateful to them for putting these fun and educational events together!

Read our review of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society's Star Parties.

There is no registration required; simply mark the date and location on your calendar, dress according to the current weather forecast, and bring yourselves and your families. It's as simple as that!

If you've never been to a star party, here are some tips directly from the Salt Lake Astronomical Society:

  • Star parties are informal events (it is a party!). Please feel free to approach any telescope operator and ask what they are observing. Join in on the fun and introduce yourself to others.
  • Taking a picture of what you see in a telescope with your cell phone is just about impossible. Also, the device may damage expensive eyepieces if it touches or scrapes the surface. Along with the bright lights phones produce, it is a good idea to keep the mobile devices stowed away.
  • Families are encouraged to attend.

2016 Star and Sun Parties Schedule:

You can view the complete 2016 schedule on the Salt Lake Astronomical Society's website. As always, stay tuned to the Salt Lake Astronomical Society's Facebook page and website for up to the date, current information. Dates and locations may change without my knowledge.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: 24 Karite Gold Shea Butter

As winter comes to an end, it has definitely taken a toll on my skin. I am always looking for the "miracle cream" that's going to cure my itchy dry skin without irritating it. That's why I was excited to try this raw shea butter by 24 Karite Gold.

Because it's so thick, a little bit goes a long way. Besides the skin ailments listed below, this shea butter can also be used to reduce wrinkles, soothe irritations, alleviate dryness, and minimize redness and inflammation.

It's rich in vitamins C, E and A. It's even indicated for use on oily and acne prone skin.

Cracked Heels

The first thing I thought to try this on is my cracked heels on my feet. Sandal season is coming fast, and cracked heels with sandals is the worst! 

The first time I applied it, I made a huge mess walking around my house afterward, and slipped on my kitchen floor. If you are going to apply it to your feet, I highly recommend putting socks on directly after applying it, which will also helps the shea butter soak into your feet better. I noticed a difference the first time I applied it, and it only got better the more that I used it. 

After applying it to my feet, I finished rubbing the rest into my hands, and even though it felt oilier than I like on my hands, it soaked in quickly and made my hands super soft.

Dry Skin

My daughter had a dry patch of skin on her neck that wouldn't go away. Every lotion she used on it would only aggravate it and make it more red and worse. She had eczema as a child, so it was probably something related to that. The only thing she was able to use before trying this cream was straight petroleum jelly (Vaseline), but even that wouldn't cure it.

We noticed a difference right away when using the 24 Karite Gold shea butter. Not only did it help cure the dry spot, but it didn't aggravate it make it worse. 

Purchase 24 Karite Gold shea butter and other products:

Because this cream is highly concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. Starting at $15.99, you can purchase it on their website in 16 oz, 36 oz, and 1 gallon tubs. 


Because we loved this product so much, we want you to have the chance to try it out! We are giving away 16 oz jars of it to THREE lucky winners! Simply enter the Rafflecopter below to enter to win. 

What you need to know about this giveaway:
  • Must be 18 or older to enter.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday April 18th at 11:59pm.
  • Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. We are not responsible for any reason the winner does not receive the email after it has been sent out. This includes, but is not limited to, lack of internet access, junk or bulk email filtering, wrong or inactive email address associated with a Facebook account, etc. 
  • Winners will need to provide a mailing address and shea butter will be shipped to them. 

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GIVEAWAY: Imagination Movers Coming To Park City!

Imagination Movers
Saturday April 16th 2016
2pm and 6pm

Eccles Center for the Performing Arts
1750 Kearns Blvd.
Park City , UT 84060

Do your kids love the Imagination Movers?! They are coming to Park City for two performances, on one day only! Tickets can be purchased online.

We have a family four-pack of tickets to give away to one lucky winner! Enter the Rafflecopter below.

What you need to know about this giveaway:
  • Must be 18 or older to enter
  • Deadline to enter is Monday April 11th at 11:59pm.
  • Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. We are not responsible for any reason the winner does not receive the email after it has been sent out. This includes, but is not limited to, lack of internet access, junk or bulk email filtering, wrong or inactive email address associated with a Facebook account, etc. 
  • Winner's four tickets will be left at Will Call for winner to pick up in person. Winner must provide a valid picture ID to receive tickets.

About the Imagination Movers:

The Imagination Movers story is the ultimate example of the power of imagination. In 2003, four New Orleans friends – Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith – had an idea. They thought kids wanted and deserved music that spoke to them, not down to them. So, they started gathering after their kids’ bedtimes to write songs and brainstorm ideas about a children’s television show. Two years later, they had become the latest sensation of their musical city, attracting parents and children alike with an eclectic pop sensibility and lyrical turns about healthy snacks and playing catch and conquering childhood fears of bedtime. Lines to the Movers’ shows stretched for blocks.When the levees broke after Hurricane Katrina, the far-reaching disaster turned the Movers’ world upside down, but it didn’t put an end to their dream. Even while band members salvaged their belongings from flooded homes – and Smith reported to his day job as a fire fighter and first responder – they never stopped living according to the Movers’ motto: “Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun!”

This motto has served the band well. Not even the Imagination Movers themselves could have fully imagined their breakthrough success. The Movers partnered with Disney in 2007 and filmed 75 episodes of their Emmy Award-winning series over three seasons. The show aired in more than 55 countries and they’ve sold half a million CDs and DVDs to date. 

Critical acclaim for the Movers includes nods from Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times, which reported the Movers are “prized by many parents for non-condescending lyrics and music that evokes the Beastie Boys or Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Parenting magazine praised the band’s “dash of rebellion” and songs that are “fresh and treacle-free.” National television appearances include The View, Live with Regis & Kelly, and Good Morning America. The Movers are currently developing an animated series “Super Movers” in partnership with Toronto-based 9 Story Media Group. 

The Movers' ninth release, “Licensed to Move” debuted in early 2015. The CD is bundled with a DVD that contains a live concert performance as well as music videos.
The Movers are known as a high-energy, interactive live music act. Over the last decade they have entertained more than a million fans in North America, Europe and Asia. Their “In a Big Warehouse” tour attracted 150,000 fans and was one of Pollstar magazine’s top 100 tours of 2011 (one of only two family acts on the list). According to thousands of fan reviews on, Imagination Movers ranks as the No. 1 rated major touring act for families. 

Over the past several the Movers have rocked packed houses in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Guam, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. They are playing select North American cities in 2016.
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DISCOUNT: Mill Hollow Summer Camp

Photos courtesy Mill Hollow Facebook page
Summer camp is quickly approaching! Enroll your kids now and get 20% off! Did anyone here go to Mill Hollow Outdoor Education Center as a kid? It’s a fun and educational three day/two night camp, and enrollment is open to all Utah kids or Utah visitors of 3rd to 6th grade ages. They’ll engage firsthand in activities involving the biological and environmental sciences of the surrounding national forest’s ecosystem.

Get 20% off tuition with promo code GOTOCAMPFB2016, which reduces the price to just $199! Better yet, get a group of ten or more attending together and the price is just $169 per camper! Tuition scholarships are also available while scholarship funds last.

Visit for more info and to enroll. Let’s go to camp!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Planning Your Summer Fun

Even though Winter is just coming to an end, now is the best time to check out all the Summer programs going on for 2016 and plan what's most important to you and your family, and what events and activities are on your Summer Bucket List.

In my experience, summer goes by way too fast, and if you don't have a set plan, school is already back in session, and all of those grand plans you had for how to spend your summer vacation have come and gone with only a few To Do's checked off of your list.

Tips for planning your Summer fun:
  1. Look at all of the available deals, events and activities that are available in your area. Make sure you are connected with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We frequently post fun upcoming activities, and staying connected with us on the go is the best way to find out about them!
  2. Make a list. Sit down with your family and discuss all of the available activities, and which ones you may want to do.
  3. Make a budget. Decide how much you have to spend on summer fun, and in what areas you can splurge, as well as where you would like to save money. There are many bundles packages, such as the Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes, that are a low price for multiple activities.
  4. From your list, decide which ones are most important, and add them to your calendar. Start with family vacations and big events that have specific dates, and then fill in around those the activities that are available any time.
  5. Schedule down time! With all of the fun events and activities going on, you don't want to overbook and burn yourself out before summer is over. Sometimes the best memories of summer vacation are riding bikes, or playing basketball in the front yard. 
Limited Time Summer Deals and Programs not to miss:

Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes
If you are looking for lots of summer (and year-round) fun, this is the best deal out there, For a limited time, you can purchase it for $14.99. With venues such as Seven Peaks, Utah Grizzlies, Rocky Mountain Raceway and more, this deal can't be beat! But hurry, quantities are limited!

Salt Lake City Scavenger Hunt
Wouldn't it be great, we thought, if there was a way to experience the excitement and adventure of the Amazing Race in just one day? While there were already one-day Amazing Race-type events happening in cities around the U.S., you had to be in a particular city, on a particular day, or you missed out. There was nothing out there where you pick the city, you pick day, you pick the pace of play. And so the Urban Adventure Quest was created. For a limited time you can get this deal for $37.50 for a team.

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FREE Easter Fun at The Gateway

Celebrate Easter Fun at The Gateway

Saturday, March 26 from 2 – 4 PM

Inside the old Anthropologie Space (across the street from Abercrombie & Fitch)

Activities will include selfies with Easter Bunny, Easter activities, puppet show, balloon artist and Fat Boy Ice Cream!
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Planning Spring Break in Moab? Let Us Help!

Are you planning a trip to Moab for Spring Break? Let Utah's Adventure Family help! We'll guide you through petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, bird refuges, museums, ghost towns, and of course, the National Parks. Click on the links below to find full reviews, recommendations, directions, and lots of pictures that will help you plan the perfect vacation for your family! For more info on this part of Utah, visit our website series: Things to do in Blanding,  Things to do in Monticello, and Things to do in Moab.

Arches National Park: This the reason that many families come to Moab. Plan to spend at least 2 days in the park in you intend to hike Delicate Arch. There is a Junior Ranger Program and many small hikes.

Canyonlands National Park: The north end of Canyonlands, called Island in the Sky, is located north of Moab. There are hikes to several interesting places including prehistoric buildings, a geological feature called the Dome, and an arch. Plan to spend a little more than a half day at Canyonlands.
Mesa Arch in Canyonlands

Dead Horse Point State Park: Dead Horse Point is across the street from Canyonlands. Between the two parks, plan to spend a day. Dead Horse Point has a few great vistas, a small visitor's center, hiking, and a Junior Ranger program.

Sego Ghost Town: The town of Sego existed from 1910-1955. Located just 3 miles off I-70, you can easily stop and see some old coal town ruins. There are several mostly intact shacks and a huge company store. Make sure to stop by the Sego Canyon Petroglyphs, too.

Sego Canyon Petroglyphs: There are both painted and etched rock art panels located in Sego Canyon. Some beautiful examples of prehistoric work takes you just a few miles out of your way on your trip south to Moab. Turn off at the little town of Thompson, and check out the ghost town, too.

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Track: Copper ridge dinosaur tracks just north of Moab has three different kinds of dinosaur tracks. A huge sauropod, an allosaurus and and a small track are all well preserved in the mud. The hike is short, and the track is two miles off the highway.

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail: This short trail takes you past many dinosaur fossils embedded in the rock. Interpretive signs help you understand the fossils and their history.

Poison Spider Dinosaur Track: Poison Spider dinosaur track is located on the road to Potash. There are interesting petroglyphs to see along the drive to the trackway. A short fairly challenging climb leads you to one of the most perfect dinosaur sites we've ever seen (you can also see it through binoculars if the hike is too much).
Poison Spider Dinosaur Trackway

Matheson Wetlands Preserve: The preserve is located on the outskirts of Moab and is home to many birds at the right time of year. To get away from the crowds, check out the boardwalks on the preserve.

Museum of Moab: The Museum of Moab houses objects from the history of Moab including dinosaur times, prehistoric people times, and pioneer times. Our boys really enjoyed playing the player piano and looking for toy lizards hidden among the displays.

Kane Creek Petroglyphs: Along Kane Creek Road in Moab, you can find several stops for petroglyphs. Moon Flower Canyon and a rock with petroglyphs on all four sides including the famous "birthing scene," can all be found by driving along Kane Creek Road.

For our reviews on hikes, museums, camping, and all other adventures in Utah, come on over to Utah's Adventure Family and follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebook or Pinterest.

We love spending time in Utah's National Parks, especially Arches!

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Friday, March 04, 2016

REVIEW: Disney On Ice Presents Frozen

Disney On Ice presents Frozen
Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, UT
Wednesday March 2nd through Sunday March 6th, 2016

A brand new Disney On Ice show, Frozen, opened this week in Salt Lake City, and people of all ages are raving about how amazing it was! Overall, the special effects were really well done in this show.

Below are a few of our favorite standout moments of Disney On Ice Frozen:

Of course, the performance of "Let It Go" was definitely a favorite part of the entire show, not only because of the iconic song but because of the special effects. Lights and glass panels came down from the ceiling, and while she was building it there were flashes of light when she would point her hands to a new section of the "castle".  
"Let It Go" and the building of the ice castle was a crowd favorite
Marshmallow, the snow monster, was also super cool. When he first came out he was smaller, and then he started filling with air and just got bigger and bigger. 
It was fun to see Marshmallow the snow monster get bigger and bigger as the show went on.
The scenery in this Disney On Ice production was also amazing. The detail that was put into all the scenery was incredible.

The skaters were also really good as well. Christoff did a couple of  back flips, which the audience loved, and several of the skaters did jumps.  

When the characters went to meet the trolls, there were big "rocks" all over that were moving around the ice.

We all loved the finale when all the Disney characters came out and joined the Frozen crew. We got to see Snow White, Ariel, Rapunzel, Buzz & Woody, Nemo, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Purchase Tickets:

Tickets are still available, but because of how much people are raving about this production, tickets are going fast!

Tickets are available for purchase online at, select Smith’s Grocery locations, charge by phone at 800-888-TIXX or in-person at the venue Box Office.
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