Friday, May 21, 2010

Stansbury Island

We are always on the lookout for places to explore with our dogs. Stansbury Island is on the West end of the Great Salt Lake and has hiking, biking, and scenic drives for views of the lake.

On the drive in, you can see where the salt from the lake accumulates on pilings, rocks, and anything in the water.

On the way back we found this giant slab of limestone.  There are lots of interesting rocks and even fossils to be found, but be sure to leave everything as you found it.  You aren't allowed to bring home any minerals you find there.

Activities: Hiking, Biking, Picnics, Scenic Drives
Facilities: None--be prepared to pack in and out everything you need, be sure to bring water and jackets as weather on the lake can turn quickly.
Cost: Free
To Get There: Take I-80 Westbound from Salt Lake. Take exit 84 North. Head immediately west on Stansbury Road as it parallels the Interstate. You will pass two stop signs and a set of railroad tracks. The road is only paved a short distance from the Interstate. It quickly gives way to well-graded gravel. Continue following the road as it veers north and skims between the evaporation ponds toward the island. About 8 miles past the second stop sign, look for a place to pull off the road and park.

Keep in mind that large parts of the island are private property: respect posted signs. Everything above the foothills, however, is public land.

Click here for some more gorgeous views.

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  1. Jen, we are taking a drive out here today. Thanks for the AWESOME directions! We, and our little poodle, are excited! :)


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