Monday, July 12, 2010

Antelope Island

It's Utah's own beach, but it's so much more than sand and salty waters! Filled with trails to hike or bike, you'll see desert landscapes and wildlife throughout the park. The rock outcroppings are unique and the sunsets are as amazing as the pictures!
Antelope Island also features primitive camp sites, which you can utilize for $13 dollars a night, and covered picnic areas with small charcoal grills. So go ahead and pack it in (and out please!). If you choose to spend the night you'll be treated to starry skies not seen in the suburbs. There are vault toilets and showers available in the case your children (and you!) venture into the brine. For more water adventures, the Great Salt Lake is actually nationally renowned for it's excellent kayaking scenery and is perfect for beginners and enjoyed by the most seasoned of water dogs.
Take exit #332 (Antelope Island Drive) and just drive west until you hit water! You'll drive along a causeway which takes you out to the island. Yes, it's smelly! I won't lie to you there, but once you're on the island the smell is no more.
Make sure you check out the small (but free!) museum which is full of information you probably didn't know, but should know if you want to call yourself a Utahn! Such as the difference between a bison and a buffalo and what is a brine shrimp anyway? The kids will love it as there's stuff to touch, which means you'll love it too. Fair warning, there's also a small gift shop, so try to steer the kids clear if you don't want souvenirs.
So put together a lunch, grab your camera and the kids and go have some fun!
$9 per vehicle and $3 per person if you're walking or biking in.

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