Monday, July 12, 2010

Beneath Your Feet: Discovering the Archaeology of Utah Valley

People have lived in Utah Valley for thousands of years. Hunter-gatherers, known as the Archaic culture (6000 BC - AD 400), existed until the introduction of farming around AD 400. A culture reliant on farming, labeled as Fremont (AD 400 - 1300), lasted until drought and societal change pushed them from the Valley. Hunting-gathering groups, such as the later Ute, moved in making hunting-gathering the local lifestyle until Mormon settlers came in 1849.

This exhibition focuses on the Fremont, those who lived and farmed here over one thousand years ago. Thriving off the abundant resources of the area, their communities surrounded Utah Lake in the same areas we have built our own towns. Through archaeology, the remains of the Fremont culture are providing an interesting, yet elusive, look into the history of Utah Valley.

Modern development continues to obscure their homes, so we invite you to discover the history literally beneath our homes, streets, sidewalks, and gardens before their remains disappear forever.

COST: FREE Admission!
LOCATION: Musuem of Peoples
700 N 100 E
Provo, UT

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