Monday, July 12, 2010

BLOG PLUG: Bonneville Mariner

This is one of my favorite blogs to follow, for many reasons:
- The writer is local
- He finds many unknown, interesting adventures to go on that nobody else knows about
- Many of his adventures are discovering local "forgotten" historic sites
- He is very descriptive in the location of where these historic landmarks are, and gives a great history on them
- He always included awesome pictures with his articles

This is the guy that told me how to find all of the artifacts at the old site of Saltair. Check the categories on his blog under Ghost Towns, then Saltair to read all of his posts on Saltair. Click Here to read his article from the Tooele Transcript Bulletin that got me interested in learning more about Saltair. Click Here for the article that made me decide we were going to go out to Saltair and see what we could find.

Thanks for writing such a great blog with such interesting articles!

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