Monday, August 30, 2010

CONTEST: Design our logo!

Upon posting a link to our blog on another site, I realized: We have no logo! SO......we will be holding a LOGO DESIGN CONTEST!

Come up with a unique logo for Enjoy Utah! and email it to . By sending in your design, you are giving us permission to use this logo as our own and own all of the rights to it. You, of course will get credit for it. The winner of the logo design contest will also be given a $10 iTunes gift card, along with a bag of other goodies, yet to be determined! :)

SO.....get those logo ideas sent it!

Remember, Enjoy Utah! is all about free or low-cost, fun family ideas of things to do in Utah. The main reason I made this blog is because I hear many moms, especially other stay-at-home moms, complaining that there's nothing to do with their kids. I knew that was far from the truth, so this blog is to set out to show everybody how much there really is to do in Utah!

TIP: I absolutely LOVE sunflowers, and would like a sunflower to be incorporated into the logo if possible. There are so many wild sunflowers that grow in Utah, and they are absolutely gorgeous! I am looking for a simple logo that's not too busy.

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