Friday, September 03, 2010

Air Force Museum Food for Life Day

If you've visited the museum, you want to mark your calendar and take a trip back! If you've never been, this is the day to go! Admission is free, but a donation of canned or non perishable food is requested for access to the open aircraft. All the donations go to a local charity. Make sure you use this as a teaching moment for your children about how if everyone gives a little, it adds up to a lot!
The aircraft at the museum are typically closed off to the public (looking only) but on this one special day, a few are open to view inside! Including the HUGE orange transport plane sitting out front! Another bonus is, the aircraft are usually manned by a veteran who flew, rode in or has other real life experience with that plane. You'll hear some great stories and get to shake the hand of a veteran who fought for our country.
There's also a chili cook off, whose proceeds go to charity, and other items available from concession stands.
This year they'll have a DJ and the Ogden Concert Band. It's really a fun and popular event! I hope you take advantage, learn some history and support the local food drive!

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