Friday, September 03, 2010

Cold Springs Trout Farm

Do you have a little budding fisherman? My son has been going to Cold Springs Trout Farm and having a blast! You pay for the fish you catch, the poles are free AND they will clean the fish for you! They charge 35 cents to fillet.
No fishing license is required! This is a fun afternoon outing and you can bake them for dinner that night! I found a great, EASY recipe here and the trout was so delicious!
Click on their link to their brochure for pricing and other details.


  1. This sounds like lots of fun! My kids would love it! Where are they located?


    That link is for a printable brochure, with map, directions and hours! Have fun!

  3. I went there on a date years ago and now that I have little children of my own, I've been trying to remember what it's called, but since I couldn't even really remember where it was, I didn't even have luck googling it. Thank you so much!


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