Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Donner Reed Museum

I have had so many people tell me about this museum, that I decided to blog about it even before I visited it. I got on their website, and can not WAIT to check it out!

About the Museum:
One hundred and twenty five years after the Donner-Reed Party crossed the salt desert, their trail is still etched in the salt and is easily seen. The ruts left by the narrow wagon wheels, and tracks left by the people and oxen have been filled. The salt deposited in the depressions, in the sunlight, is a different color than that which was not disturbed.

Those who have followed the trail have been able to recreate their journey from day to day by the things left behind. They found the bones of oxen that had died of exhaustion and thirst, posessions that had been discarded to lighten the load, abandoned wagons, some half buried in the sand. Iron articles were badly rusted by the salt, but those made of wood that had been covered by sand were preserved. Many artifacts were brought back. Some are here in the museum. Others are at the University of Utah and in museums in Sacramento.

Schedule a Tour:
The museum is located in Grantsville, UT in Tooele County. Here is the address and the phone # to schedule a tour:

Donner-Reed Pioneer Museum
90 North Cooley
Grantsville, UT 84029

Open by appointment:
(435) 884-0824; (435) 884-3411

CLICK HERE to view their website.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I've been a Donner-Reed party fanatic for 30 years and next summer we're planning a week long trip to visit several places in Utah, Nevada and California. Looks like this will be on our agenda!

    Patti & Max in AZ


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