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Library Events - October - Salt Lake County

Here is a list of my favorite picks for events happening at the Salt Lake County Libraries. For the complete calendar of all events, including story time, CLICK HERE.

Most libraries almost always have fun coloring sheets and activities for the kids to take home at their information desk. Make sure to pick up a few of those as well!

Halloween Carnival
Halloween fun brought to you by the teens from the local Jr. High
10/22/2010 2pm to 3:30pm Kearns Library (by teens at Kearns Jr High)
10/27/2010 2pm to 6pm Hunter Library (by teens at Kennedy Jr High)

Witch Millie
Fly through the treetops as you listen to fun stories of Millie the Witch. Learn songs and dancing that are only known by whimsical witches. Learn about magical pumpkin farms and attend a spookingly fun “witches wobble ball.” Come in costume. A fun-filled hour of stories, music and crafts. Receive a trick or treat from Witch Millie.
10/4/2010  7pm to 8pm Bingham Creek Library
10/6/2010 7pm to 8pm Sandy Library
10/12/2010 7pm to 8pm Ruth Vine Tyler Library
10/26/2010 7pm to 8pm Columbus Library
10/28/2010 11am to 12noon Hunter Library
10/29/2010 4pm to 5pm Whitmore Library

Teen Movie Night
Come kick off Teen Read Week (Our theme is "Books That Rock") with a movie that rocks. We will watch the swashbuskling Captain Jack Sparrow try to get his Pearl back- can you guess the movie? (It is Rated PG-13) We will also be giving away door prizes. Bring your pillow and we will provide the treats! Ages 13 to 18 only. CLICK HERE to register.
10/16/2010 6:30pm to 8:45pm Bingham Creek Library

Movie For Teens
Enjoy a fun afternoon with friends at the library while you watch a movie. Ages 13 - 18. (A Teen Read Week Event)
10/8/2010 1pm to 2:45pm Kearns Library
10/18/2010 1pm to 2:45pm Kearns Library

Owl Tales
Families. Meet three owls that live in Utah and discover the fascinating facts and fiction surrounding them.
10/4/2010 7pm to 8pm Holladay Library
10/11/2010 7pm to 8pm Bingham Creek Library
10/18/2010 7pm to 8pm Magna Library

Greeting Card Make And Take
Join Adria, our greeting card guru, who will show some fun, simple techniches to create greeting cards. Each participant will make three cards. For ages 10 and up. Please CLICK HERE to register online to attend. No charge. Attendee must be 10 Years or older.
10/14/2010 7pm to 8pm Bingham Creek Library

Movie: Monsters Inc
Families. Get ready for halloween by watching Monsters Inc.
10/25/2010 7pm to 8:30pm Bingham Creek Library

Halloween Movie: The Witches
Kids, want to get a scare? Come watch a movie about Luke who finds that saving the world from witches is a tall order for a boy who has been turned into a mouse. Bring your pillows.
10/28/2010 3pm to 4:30pm Sandy Library

Zumba Dance / Zumbatonic
Zumba is a fun way to exercise with dance. Come and join us for lots of movement with music! For kids of all ages.
10/2/2010 2pm to 3:30pm South Jordan Library
10/8/2010 4pm to 5pm Columbus Library
10/9/2010 11:30am to 12:30pm Riverton Library
10/23/2010 2pm to 3pm Draper Library
10/26/2010 5:30pm to 6:15pm Whitmore Library
10/29/2010 11am to 12noon Taylorsville Library

For school aged children. Come and make origami that is fun and easy to do.
10/8/2010 4pm to 5pm Draper Library

Magician Lance Nelson
For families. Come and start you night at the Haunted Hallow at the Draper Library. You will be amazed by Lance's magic!
10/25/2010 6pm to 6:30pm Draper Library

Halloween Magic with Anthony White
See some spooky Halloween magic with celebrated magician Anthony White! Good for the whole family.
10/13/2010 7pm to 8pm

Things That Go Magic In The Night
Families. This is a fun, not so scary Halloween magic show. Learn about Mont “Magic” Dutson’s favorite monsters; can you pass the “Ghost” riddle?, How we got the Jack o’ Lantern, and maybe we will trick or treat money from your ears!
10/11/2010 7pm to 8pm South Jordan Library

What's In The Haunted Old House?
What’s in the Haunted Old House? Take a musical tour of Halloween with a hungry ghost, a compulsive trick-or-treater, a boy who’s not afraid of anything. Get lost in a corn maze and go on a quest for the perfect pumpkin. Sing along and become part of this library Halloween tradition. Not too spooky for young children. Families. (SIDE NOTE: This is one of my kids' favorite Halloween activities! We even bought the CD they have because it's SO much fun!)
10/11/2010 7pm to 8pm Magna Library
10/18/2010 7pm to 8pm Sandy Library
10/23/2010 2pm to 2:45pm West Valley Library
10/25/2010 7pm to 8pm Holladay Library
10/26/2010 7pm to 8:30pm Kearns Library
10/30/2010 11am to 12noon Riverton Library
10/30/2010 2pm to 3pm Herriman Library

Ginger's Spooky Tales
Award-winning storyteller Ginger Parkinson will spin slightly spooky tales for the whole family!
10/5/2010 4pm to 5pm Kearns Library
10/18/2010 7pm to 7:30pm Holladay Library
10/27/2010 7pm Calvin S Smith Library

Halloween and Dia de los Muertos
Come for some spooky Latin tales and crafts. Learn what Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos are and what do they have in common. Crafts and Treats as Always!
Vengan a eschuchar unas historias miedosas y aprendan de que es Halloween y como se compara al Dia de Los Muertos.Totalmente Gratis!

10/25/2010 7pm to 8:15pm Kearns Library

Where's Scooby Doo?
Use the clues given to you at the information desk to search for the hidden clues that tell you where Scooby is. Ages 4-11
10/1/2010 to 10/18/2010 all day Riverton Library

Spooky Ghost Make and Take
Make your own scary or beautiful Halloween mask to wear on the scariest night of the year.
10/18/2010 1pm to 8pm Riverton Library

Books With Beat Party
Teens, ages 12-17, come play Rock Band, eat pizza, and party to celebrate Teen Read Week.
10/19/2010 4pm to 5pm Riverton Library

Happy Halloween Story Time
Stories,songs,activities that make you jump and laugh! With an awesome craft. Ages 2-6
10/26/2010 11am to 12noon Riverton Library
10/27/2010 10:15am to 11:15am Riverton Library
Junior Chefs
 Ages K-6th grades. Want to impress someone with your cooking skills? Join Sandy's Junior Chefs Academy and learn how to make simple, yummy, nutritious, and fun foods.
10/7/2010 4pm to 5pm Sandy Library

BOO! Where Are You?!
Kids, find the different hidden halloween creatures around the children's room and get a small prize.
10/11/2010 to 10/30/2010 all day Sandy Library

Come for stories and fun in the Children's area of the library. You can wear your PJs if you want.
10/13/2010 7pm to 7:30pm Sandy Library
10/18/2010 7pm to 8pm West Jordan Library

Halloween Spectacular
Come for Halloween stories, games, and treats. Fun for all!
10:26/2010 10:30am to 11:30am Sandy Library

Tricks and Treats!
For those 10-15 years old. Are you ready for Halloween? Come decorate your own mini pumpkin to take home, create a ghost lantern, and decorate cupcakes.
10/20/2010 3:30pm to 4:30pm Sandy Library

Ghostly Guardians With Brian Fetzer
Families-Please no children under the age of 7
Have you heard about Clem, the ghostly Union soldier who guards the old Fort Douglas? How about the “lady in purple”? Brian Jackson Fetzer will talk about these and other supernatural events at Fort Douglas as he tells the stories behind his movie, Ghostly Guardians, and shows clips from it.

10/18/2010 7pm to 8pm South Jordan Library

Soul Soup! The Ingredients For Total Relaxation!
Ages 25 +. Popular local celebrity, Angel Shannon will help you create your own customized recipe for relaxation! This class is designed to give you clarity of each moment and the gift of allowance in your life. You’ll make Soul Soup with ancestral ingredients and uncover the flavor that you bring to the pot! Create peace through simple meditation, mindfulness and thinking from the heart. Class starts promptly at 7 p.m. Please bring a writing journal. (No children please.)
10/5/2010 7pm to 8pm Taylorsville Library

Wild Wonders - Uniquely Me
All ages. Schools out today! See what makes Hedgie and his friends unique in their own special way. Most everyone has something about themselves that they’re not fond of from the skunk’s awful smell to the ring-tail’s big, buggy eyes. Listen to a story unfold with live animals in a fun, interactive way. After the story ends, meet some of the animals up close. No registration required. Families10/14/2010 11am to 12noon Taylorsville Library

Babysitter Preparedness
Ages 11-15. Join us for a babysitting adventure with the Red Cross. Learn about leadership, changing a diaper, basic first aid, what to do in a disaster and other helpful hints from the experts. No registration required.
10/15/2010 11am to 12noon Taylorsville Library

Small Steps To Health and Wellness
Adults. Want to get healthier & more financially secure? The USU Extension is offering a 9-part series that will describe behavior change strategies to improve your health and personal finances. Call 801-468-3179 to register/reserve a spot.
10/27/2010 7pm to 8pm Taylorsville Library

Laughter Yoga
Adults - Laughter Yoga is a unique practice that combines group laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques. Laughter helps unwind the negative effects of stress and...it is so much fun! The (sit, stand & floor) exercises in this class are designed to invite the adult to rejuvenate themselves.
10/14/2010 7pm to 8pm West Jordan Library

Scrabble Night
Adults. Can you spell “f-u-n”? Or even better “p-r-i-z-e-s”? Come show your spelling skills at Scrabble night. Tuesday, April 20 @ 7pm. D-o n-o-t m-i-s-s i-t.  Did you know that “abstemious” and “facetious” have all five vowels and in order?
10/19/2010 7pm to 8:15pm West Jordan Library

The Great Pumpkin Halloween Party
The West Jordan Library has a very sincere pumpkin patch and we are ready for a visit from the Great Pumpkin! So put on your finest costume and join us for an evening of pumpkin games, pumpkin stories and pumpkin contests.
10/26/2010 7pm to 8pm West Jordan Library
Halloween Decorations and Crafts
Come help me make Halloween Decorations for our party at the end of the month! They'll be treats and fun!!
10/8/2010 3pm to 5pm West Valley Library
10/15/2010 3pm to 5pm West Valley Library

Horror Sock Puppets
Come make sock-puppets...Horror style! Make your favorite horrific character out of your old socks!
10/29/2010 3pm to 5pm West Valley Library

ADDRESSES (all are in Salt Lake County):

Bingham Creek Library: 4834 West 9000 South
Columbus Library: 2530 South 500 East
Draper Library: 1136 East Pioneer Road
Holladay Library: 2150 E Murray-Holladay Road
Hunter Library: 4740 West 4100 South
Kearns Library: 5350 South 4220 West
Magna Library: 8339 West 3500 South
Riverton Library: 12860 South Redwood Road
Sandy Library: 10100 South Petunia Way
South Jordan Library: 10673 South Redwood Road
Taylorsville Library: 4870 South 2700 West
Ruth Vine Tyler (Midvale) Library: 8041 South Wood Street
West Jordan Library: 1970 West 7800 South
West Valley Library: 2880 West 3650 South

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