Monday, September 20, 2010

Paranormal Pulse

Do you hear things that go bump in the night? There may be more than just creaks in the stairwell. EVP is a way to "hear" ghosts and other paranormal activity that the human ear may not pick up when it occurs.
What sort of secrets are the historic buildings of Ogden holding? Is there someone, or something, causing chills in the air, raising the goosebumps on employee's arms and whispering it's greetings in the stillness of night? There is one group out there who's trying to find out just that! Paranormal Pulse, a Utah paranormal investigation team, will be conducting investigations here in Ogden over the next few weeks, and yours truly is going to tag along on one and bring you the first hand experience!
Clicky here to listen to some EVP recordings and post what you hear. Then head on over to the Paranormal Pulse website to post on the forums, read about the team members and what they do, find out what they've discovered and even submit a case request!
So here's to all those that bump in the night, Paranormal Pulse is saying hello!

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