Thursday, September 23, 2010

Read For The Record: The Snowy Day

October 7th 2010 is
Read For The Record Day!

CLICK HERE to pledge to read on October 7th for the record!

Children from low-income neighborhoods are less likely to have access to a quality early education. For the fifth year in a row our goal is to highlight this import issue by holding the largest shared reading event in history—Jumpstart’s Read for the Record!
Please PLEDGE TO READ now! Not only will you voice your support for the millions of children who need a quality early education, but you’ll also be entered to win a $77 GIFT CARD from 77Kids by American Eagle.

It doesn't cost ANYTHING to pledge to read! Just fill out your name, the # of children you will be reading with, and then read The Snow Day on October 7th. Click the link above to purchase a copy of the book, or head to your local library and check it out (you might want to reserve it ahead of time, as I am sure many copies of this book will be checked out!)

You can also visit Where's Peter? online and check out where he's been, print out your own Peter to snap pictures of, and post your pictures online!

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