Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Utah's Ghost Towns

THIS WEBSITE (click to be taken to the page), has a great list of all the ghost towns found in Utah, with maps on how to find them.

(AND....if YOU have visited one of Utah's ghost towns, and want to tell our readers about it, email me at and I will include it in my post! THANKS!)

This is one of the coolest Ghost Towns I've ever driven through! Not very far from Stockton and Tooele, this Ghost Town makes for a great half-day trip! It was an old mining town named Ophir after King Solomon's mines in the Bible. CLICK HERE to view the full post and read more about Ophir, complete with pictures!

I don't know if Garrison, Utah can be considered a ghost town, but there isn't much there besides an old cemetery and a church. And a house or 2. It is about 10 miles east of the Nevada state line on the road coming from Delta. The cemetery is around 150 years old and is very well preserved. Most of the grave markers are limestone and very easy to read. If you like an old cemetery, this is the place to visit
- Submitted by: Cyndi Fowler

The Bonneville Mariner has written an excellent article about "Remembering The Ghost Town Of Bauer". CLICK HERE to visit the post. He also interviewed many miners who used to work there, and gave him great information about what the town of Bauer used to be. CLICK HERE to read that article and interviews. Bauer was located in Tooele County between the end of Tooele and Stockton. Follow the main road in Tooele until you start to leave Tooele. Watch for Bauer Rd on the right, and turn there. This is where the town used to be located. It is now part of the Tooele City Dump, You can also read about it HERE.

This old ghost town has one of the coolest and creepiest cemeteries! CLICK HERE to read about our Halloween experience at the Mercur Cemetery.
Mercur, formerly called Lewiston, was a town that refused to die. During the 1860s, a few hardy prospectors eked out an existence by mining in Lewiston Canyon. Results were meager. The thought was if there were a few good nuggets here and there, there must more and better deposits somewhere in the canyon. Persistence paid off as good deposits were found. Gradually, as the word spread, miners came to town to work the silver mines and soon a real boom developed. When the boom died in 1880, Lewiston died with it. There is nothing left as the entire town site has been destroyed by modern strip mining operation that is still occupied by the mining company. CLICK HERE to view old pictures of Mercur and what it used to look like, and to read more history on it. To get there, go Southbound through Tooele until you reach Stockton. Keep going until you reach a sign heading Eastbound that says Mercur.

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