Sunday, September 05, 2010

Utah Museum of Natural History

Taking your children to engaging, well designed museums is like sneaking veggies into their pasta sauce. Don't play innocent, I know you do it. Your kid does not eat steamed veggies unless you've mashed them up and sent them incognito into their spaghetti! So, too, can you steam up some extra curricular education, mash it up and sneak it into a fun, interactive afternoon. Harvard eats this sort of stuff up!
Just imagine your child at 17, bright and full of possibility, sitting across from the admissions board of *insert favorite college here* explaining how their love of learning was established by their mother taking them to the Utah Museum of Natural History as a young child.
Yes, their future starts here.
And it's free the first Monday of every month.
You have no excuses now.
Clicky here for admission prices, hours, directions etc.

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