Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weber River Parkway

My boyfriend, in his constant quest for places to walk/ride bikes and over all mess with nature, discovered this little gem for me. Hidden behind the chaos of Riverdale Road, this trail is easy and fun.
At the trail head is a small "dirt hill" set up for bikes. (no motorized vehicles!) On our trip today we saw two boys around age 12 using the jumps and also a young child riding the loops around the jumps.
A paved path is great for walking (take Fido!) or biking and follows the river. Once on the trail, you're surrounded by trees and you will forget that Riverdale Road even exists a mere stone's throw away.
The second awesome feature of this area is the disc golf course! Don't know what that is? Read up on it here. When on the trails, be sure to stay off the course so you won't be hit by oncoming frisbees! We ran into 4 groups playing today. If the area is empty, feel free to walk through, just be courteous to those that are wanting to play the course.
Off the paved trail is a small path marked "nature trail" which has wren, chickadee and bat boxes.
It's an easy, short walk and great for family biking. It does not loop around, however, so you'll just come to the end and turn around to come back. Autumn is going to be a great time of year to visit this walkway. Your kids can gather fallen leaves, the weather will be perfect and there are tables and benches around for a picnic.
Directions below:
I-15; Riverdale Exit (exit 342, 35 Miles North Of Salt Lake City). East On Riverdale Rd. 2 Miles To A Right On 700 West (last Road Before Bridge). Go 250 Ft., Turn Left And Follow Road Past City Office Building To Dead End.

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