Friday, October 01, 2010

Daybreak Community

Daybreak Community

Have you been out to Daybreak? It is one of our favorite little communities to visit. Not only do we have a few friends that live there, but Daybreak has created such a great atmosphere, you never want to leave!

Located just off of Bangerter and 11400 South, just West of The District shopping center. CLICK HERE to go to their main site for much more information!

One of our favorite things to do at Daybreak is to bring our inflatable raft and enjoy a day rowing around the little lake they have. We've also seen many people fishing, playing in the sand, and just generally having a great time! Whenever my kids say "Let's go to the beach!", it's Daybreak they are talking about!

They have a great little shopping center that just opened called Soda Row. CLICK HERE for a list of all the merchants, and for more information. They also have a list of events that are going on at Soda Row! Some events include live music, speed dating, and a Fizz Fest! CLICK HERE to view the upcoming events and dates!

There’s a spirit in Daybreak that you don’t find just anywhere. You can feel it at the outdoor concerts. When you’re standing in line for a gelato at SoDa Row. And if you’ve attended one of the Welcome Wednesday events for new residents, you’ve definitely felt it. It’s the energy of real community. And now that you live here, you get to experience it every day.

Better yet, you get to add to the energy and help shape it.

One great way to do this is to participate in LiveDAYBREAK.

LiveDAYBREAK is the independent community council in Daybreak. And it’s the guiding force behind a growing list of events, art classes, fitness programs and other activities designed to bring residents together, enrich their lives and create a vibrant and enduring sense of community within Daybreak.

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  1. note that only residents are allowed to put boats on the lake; also, inflatable rafts are not allowed on the lake.


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