Monday, October 04, 2010

Disney On Ice skater is a Utah local!

Did you know that one of the skaters in Disney On Ice, Janusz John McKinnon, is a Utah local?
Here is a little bit more about him:

HOMETOWN: Bountiful, Utah


WHY DID YOU START SKATING? My parents took my older brother and me to a public skating session at the Bountiful Recreation Center, and both of us liked it so we started to take the Learn To Skate classes.

SKATING ACHIEVEMENTS (Competitions/awards/tests): I skated in numerous regional, sectional and national competitions. I have passed my Gold Freeskate and Gold moves in the field test.

LIST YOUR INTERESTS/HOBBIES/FAVORITE PASTIME: I played a lot of different sports when I was growing up other than ice skating. I played hockey and football in high school. My favorite pastime is hanging out with my friends and just relaxing whether it be going up to the mountains or just relaxing on the couch.

ROLE MODEL(S) (Skating or otherwise): I would have to say Scott Hamilton. I have looked up to him for a very long time. He is a really nice person and is real.

TOUGHEST CHALLENGE (During skating career): Actually after I had surgery on my ankle it took me three years to finally come back and compete for the last time in November. It just took a long time getting the motivation to start training again when I knew that I wasn't going to win or anything. I just ended up doing it for myself and had one of the best times skating and seeing all the people that I had competed against three years earlier.

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS: Eventually I want to graduate college and get my degree in athletic training. Besides that, I eventually want to be a skating director at an ice arena.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD/MEAL? Any Italian food. Plus anything that my mom makes.

HOW DO YOU KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN? (Music, routine, class) I try to make it to the fitness centers whenever they are around. During the summer, I was running a lot with one of my friends. For fun, I like to go to dance clubs and just relax with all of my friends.

WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR FREQUENT TRAVELERS? Pack light - but make sure that what you have with you is what you really need, not what you want to take.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO KIDS WHO HAVE A DREAM/DESIRE TO DO SOMETHING LIKE SKATING? Don't quit when everything looks like it is going wrong. Because, no matter how hard it is going to be at times, it is well worth it when you reach your dreams.

IF YOU WEREN’T A PROFESSIONAL ICE SKATER, WHAT MIGHT YOU BE DOING FOR A LIVING? I would probably be an athletic trainer or own my own dance club.

WHAT FELD PRODUCTION ARE YOU CURRENTLY PERFORMING IN? Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnies Magical Journey


HOW DID YOU AUDITION? I auditioned while the Jungle Disney On Ice show was in Salt Lake City. My coach Karel and his wife Amanda set up an audition with their friend who was the performance director.

WHAT DID YOU DO PRIOR TO JOINING FELD ENTERTAINMENT? I was coaching ice skating lessons in Ogden, Utah, at the Weber County Ice Sheet. I was also working for a security company at different special events such as concerts, U of U football games and many other things.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT PERFORMING? Being able to see the kids in the audience going crazy with excitement about seeing the different characters in the show. Making people smile is what I have always liked to do when I am skating.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT ICE SKATING? Being able to do something that most people that I know can't. I like the jumping aspect of the sport and over time I finally figured out the spinning part also.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SKATING STYLE? My skating style isn't too graceful. I just skate how I want to. I like to take all the things that I have learned from the different coaches and add it into my own skating style.

WHAT DO YOU WANT THE AUDIENCE TO GET FROM YOUR PERFORMANCE? I want them to enjoy what they are watching and leave with a smile on their faces.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING ON TOUR? The chance to travel all over and meet so many different types of people

WHAT COUNTRIES HAVE YOU PERFORMED IN WHILE TRAVELING WITH FELD ENTERTAINMENT? Since this is my first year so far, just the United States. I think that will change the longer I am here.

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I grew up in Bountiful, Utah.


HOMETOWN CLUB WHERE YOU TRAINED/NAME OF COACHES: I trained for about 13 years at the Bountiful Recreation Center. The home club there is the Utah Figure Skating Club. The past three years I have been skating at the Weber County Ice Sheet. The Wasatch Figure Skating Club is at that arena. In Ogden, my coach is Karel Kovar.

NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL/YEAR GRADUATED/LOCATION: Woods Cross High School, graduated 1996

NAME OF COLLEGE/YEAR GRADUATED/LOCATION/MAJOR: Weber State University, not yet graduated, Ogden, Utah, Athletic Training

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