Monday, October 11, 2010


A Historic Site
 Today I took an unplanned drive through Ophir. Wow, what a COOL town to drive through! I have lived in Utah my entire life, and never driven through here. I am definitely going to go back when I have more time to spend! NOTE: In respect of the property owners and the residents there, please observe and obey all No Trespassing and Private Property signs!

An long-abandoned

Ophir is an old mining town located in Tooele County. To get there, go through the main road in Tooele. Keep going, and you will reach Stockton. Watch for signs that lead you to Ophir, Mercur, and one other place (can't remember the name). Take that turn. Keep going, and follow the signs to Ophir. It's not a very long drive at all.

A long-abandoned

Before you reach Ophir, you will see a sign for the Ophir Cemetery. Because Ophir is such an old town, I was super excited to check out the cemetery. I was disappointed at how new the graves were. I was hoping there would be much more to see at the cemetery, like some really old graves and such. Not the case. Pass the cemetery and head in to the town. THAT is what you are going to want to see!

Even though Ophir is a "ghost town", there are still some residents that live there. You will see a few newer houses mixed in with the older houses, but it doesn't detract from the "old ghost town" feel. The kids LOVED driving through it, and there was plenty to see even though we didn't even leave our truck!
NOTE: In respect of the property owners and the residents there, please observe and obey all No Trespassing and Private Property signs!

History of Ophir, UT
(History taken from Ghost Towns website. CLICK HERE to go to the original page).

Ophir Town Hall and Fire Station

Soldiers of the U.S. Army discovered that which created Ophir in 1865. They noticed that Indians in the territory were using bullets made from silver. The soldiers soon found the source and proceeded to dispatch the Indians. They named the location St. Louis. When the find became public, the site quickly became a town with no official name. In 1870, it was officially named Ophir after the rich mines of King Solomon. During its heyday, a number of ornamental homes and buildings were constructed which, after the silver was exhausted and the town died, became mute testimony that good times do not last forever.

An Old
Abandoned Mine

Ophir Town Hall
A cute little country road
in Ophir


  1. Do you need a 4wd vehicle to get there? Or can we take the minivan?

  2. Audrina, you can definitely take a mini van with no problem at all! It's a nice paved road the entire time. I have been with people in mini vans there many times. Have fun! :)

  3. Planning a trip to visit the old Mercur Cemetery this weekend with the fam, & thought this might be a fun side trip! But I found at least one website that said something about the old buildings in Ophir no longer existing! Anyone who's been there recently know if that's true??

    - Heather

  4. I am looking of the mayors phone number to reserve the park. Do you have it or a way for me to find it. White pages number has been disconnected.


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