Tuesday, October 12, 2010


You're a diverse person. You have varied interests and hobbies and that one thing your husband wouldn't do with you if you bribed him with apple pie. So what's a person to do? Your craving for bowling is only satisfied once a year on your birthday (you know, when everyone HAS to come along) and you hate attending the independent movie showings on your own (but your friends just can't sit through yet another French romance).

Well, I have the answer. Meetups. If you haven't heard of these, or haven't signed up, don't delay because today is the day you're going to enter a whole new realm (or realms!).
Meetups are simple. A group of people with a similar interest plan meetups in their area. What's a similar interest, you ask? For instance, I signed up for the Beer Drinking Group for my boyfriend and I, an SLC mother's group for my son and I, a karaoke group for me and several outdoors and hiking clubs!

When I log in, there's a calendar to greet me with all the planned meetups going on in my groups. I click the ones I want to attend and RSVP. It also lists who else from the group is going as well as who attended past meetups. The groups are endless! You'll find everything from singles golf to women's networking groups to people who just enjoy trying new restaurants!
And to make it easy, you can log in via Facebook, so no sign up required!

You can also start your own meetup groups, if your particular interest isn't there yet. The site charges $15 a month to host a meetup group. There's no fee for joining, but the hosts appreciate a few bucks towards hosting fees if you enjoy the group.

Go ahead and make some new friends, dust off your bowling shoes and find a trio of ladies who adore those french films! Expand your social circles and be you!
You'll be glad you did!

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