Wednesday, October 13, 2010

REVIEW: Nightmare On 13th Haunted House

On Monday October 11th, our field experts, Chad and Jen, got a chance to check out the Nightmare On 13th Haunted House in Salt Lake City, one of the nation's top haunted houses!

They had a great time, and had this to say about their experience:

"It took about 45 minutes to make it through the entire haunted house. (That is not including the wait time in line during the nightmare theater.) It really seemed like the perfect length.

The majority of the waiting time was inside where it was warm instead of outside like other haunted houses. We only had to wait outside for about five minutes. They take two pictures of you before you go in. Make sure you save your receipt to be able to view your FREE pictures! On your receipt you will find a barcode with a number that you will need to have to view your pictures. Afterward, you can find them online HERE.

About half of the things inside the haunted house seemed new from last year. My favorite parts were the rooms with the optical illusions. In one room, it was almost impossible to stand, even though nothing in it was moving! I could not figure out how they did it!

The mazes were very good this year. They were not extremely hard to find your way through, but large enough to confuse you for a little while. It was the perfect balance. There was even a very fun maze that had mirrors.

The chainsaw people didn't harrass us like they normally do. It might have been because we were not scared of them, but it was nice. I really don't like those guys!

They are having a special night that has never been offered before called "Flash Light Fright Night", and it's on November 5th and 6th. They are letting people in the haunted house with just flashlights to find their way through. Nightmare On 13th will supply the flashlights. It sounds like an awesome idea that would be a very different experience. You have to buy tickets for it and they are going to only sell so a certain number of tickets, so if you are interested, you might want to check into it ASAP! CLICK HERE for more details, and to purchase tickets. "

It sounds like they had an awesome time! A special thanks to Britnee at Intrepid Agency for giving us the chance to check out this awesome haunted house, and share the experience with our readers! She is also responsible for supplying the tickets for our giveaway, so a big shout out to her for that as well! THANKS!
Congratulations to Lynda Ostler! She was our winner for the pair of tickets to check out Nightmare On 13th Haunted House! Have fun Lynda!

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