Monday, October 11, 2010

Salt Lake City Mommies and The Mommies Network

Do you find yourself reading through our list of fun activities to take your kids to, but you want to make more friends and have company on your adventures? Salt Lake City Mommies is exactly what you've been looking for! I have been a member of Salt Lake Mommies for a while now, and have made many good friends!

Salt Lake City Mommies is part of The Mommies Network. It is a FREE mommies community with forums, discussions, and more. You can discuss things like recipes, blogging, age-appropriate issues you are going through with your children, funny jokes, relationships, etc. The best thing is, everything is confidential. Each member agrees upon joining the group that whatever is discussed in the group does not leave the group.

They have many get-togethers, play groups, mommies nights out, family outings, etc.

If you are NOT in Salt Lake City, you can browse for a group in your area, like Tooele Mommies, or browse The Mommies Network for a mom group near you. You will make life-long friends, and so will your children!

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