Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We Also Sing

"We Also Sing" is a women's choir made up of 364 ladies from northern Utah. They are giving a concert at the Marriott Center in Provo on October 14th for only $3 per seat! Seating is general admission. Tickets are $3 for age 6 and older. To order, call the ticket office at 1-800-322-BYU1(2981).

The music is inspirational and includes a song from the movie Yentle, the movie Hercules, Bach, arrangements by Mack Wilberg.  There is one song in Hebrew and Spanish and another in Hawaiin and they are accompanied by organ, piano, tambor, cymbols, and more.  It is truly a culturally elevating experience.

CLICK HERE to visit their blog and learn more.

They also have a men's choir called "Because We Sing", made up of 220 men.

Definitely check them out!

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