Thursday, October 07, 2010

WIN Nightmare on 13th Haunted House Tickets!

What haunted house has been named one of the best 13 haunted houses in the country?

What haunted house has been talked about on local shows like USA Today and The Travel Channel?

What haunted house changes every year to keep even the most regular guests on their toes?

What haunted house has the most daring adventurers screaming for their lives.....and that's even before they enter the doors?!

If you guessed
Nightmare on 13th
in Salt Lake City, UT....
you are 100% correct!

Located at 300 W 1300 S in Salt Lake City, even driving past this "haunted castle" gives me the chills! My kids know when halloween is near as soon as they see the headless horseman come to life!

Because we LOVE our blog subscribers, and thanks to Intrepid Agency, we have a pair of tickets to give away! These tickets are valued at $20 a piece, and have no cash value. You MUST use them to be scared beyond your wildest imaginations! CLICK HERE to read the review about OUR experience at Nightmare On 13th!

Contest Over!
Congratulations to Lynda Ostler!

If you go to the Nightmare On 13th website, you can get many different kinds of discount tickets!
  • FREE Fast Pass when you purchase tickets from their website!
  • Get $5 off coupons
  • Join their Mobile VIP Club to get special discounts

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