Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zombie Crawl in Ogden!

This is probably the coolest thing you've never done. Review your copy of Zombie Survival Guide and then head on over here to check out your night to shine!
The Zombie Crawl is really what it says! You can enter either as a zombie or as a victim (or even a protestor for some sideline action). The concept is simple but they do have a nice list of guidelines to follow to ensure every one's fun and safety.
Zombies will walk a determined route and take their "victims" and turn them into zombies and pull them along into their living dead debauchery! If you choose to simply be a bystander the zombies may interact but will not touch or otherwise bother you.
This event is intended to be family friendly but please use your own good judgement as to whether or not your children will be frightened.
This event is free and there are other activities scheduled for the night that have an admission cost.
You can like them on Facebook to get more updates and information.

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