Monday, November 01, 2010

Hollywood Connection DISCOUNT EVENT!!!

Beehive Academy Fundraiser
(You do NOT have to be a part of Beehive Academy to take part in this special deal! Anybody can purchase wristbands at this discounted rate IF you purchase them from the Beehive Academy table!)

Hollywood Connections party will be Friday, November 5, 3 pm to close. 3217 S. Decker Lake Dr.(across from Maverik Center, formerly E Center)
West Valley, Utah

IF YOU GO TO THE BEEHIVE ACADEMY TABLE LOCATED NEXT TO THE SKATE CENTER, 5 people can receive a wristband for only $15
, or 1 single for $6. Friday regular price is $19.95/person so $3 is a great deal!  You don't  have to be related to the other 4 people.  Clubs, church groups, neighborhood kids, birthday bash, whatever.

REMEMBER, do NOT purchase your wristbands from the regular purchase desk....make SURE you go to the Beehive Academy Table to take part of this special deal!

Your wristband includes unlimited rides (bumper cars, merry go round, roller coaster, etc), miniature golf, and skating. 21 pt cards are sold for $3.

Free Cake in the party room for those coming early, discount on food in their restaurant.

Spread the word!! It is fun to have your friends join you and for the parents to have other parents to visit with while the kids have fun.

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