Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You To All Our Veterans And Active Military

Photo by Michelle Powell

J.D. Allison - United States Navy
Words cannot express my gratefulness to our veterans and active military men and women. The sacrifice they give for our country and our freedom is beyond comprehension. Their families go through so much when they are away defending our country; so much that we cannot even begin to understand. Never forget that while we enjoy and take our freedoms for granted, "some gave all".

Clyde B Gines - United States Army

So, on this Veterans Day 2010, let me say Thank You, and just know that you and your families are always in my thoughts and prayers!

The pictures above are two of my heroes: J.D. Allison and Clyde B Gines. Both of them served our country valiantly, and I am proud to have called both of them Grandpa.

Grandpa Allison served in the United States Navy, and was deployed when his first child was born. When he returned home, he met his 6 month old son for the first time.

Grandpa Gines served in the United States Army, and met my grandma right before he was deployed. They did all of their "courting" through mail, and married when he returned home.

Both of my grandmas recall waiting weeks, and sometimes even months, to get a letter, and when those letters finally did arrive, many of the words were blacked out so that they could not read the entire letter.

I will forever be grateful for their part in securing the freedom that we have today. They will always be at the top of the list of those I call "heroes"!

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