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If you have driven through the main road Southbound out of Tooele, you have probably breezed right through Stockton without even thinking. You may have noticed a Miner's Cafe, or a small "Mayor's Grove" of trees. But, if you slow down and make a right or left turn instead of going straight through, you will notice there is MUCH more to see in Stockton. While there, stop and have a meal at the historic Stockton Miner's Cafe.

Stockton City Hall

To get there, take I-80 Westbound out of Salt Lake. You will drive past the Great Salt Lake and Saltair. The next exit is the Stansbury/Tooele exit. Take that exit, and it will point you Southbound. Keep going on that road, and it will take you past Lakepoint, past Stansbury, into Tooele, through Tooele, and out of Tooele. When you see the Tooele Landfill on the right hand side, you are getting close to Stockton.

In the early days, Stockton was a military camp turned mining town, like many of the small towns located close to Stockton (Ophir, Mercur, etc).  You can read a lot of history HERE in a publication from 1976 by the Stockton Bicentennial History Commitee. Stockton has many "claims to fame":
  • It is the oldest mining camp in Utah
  • 1st Smelter Center West of St. Louis
  • 1st Electric Light in Utah
  • The historic Stockton Jail is located there
The coolest thing to see (which I came across by accident while trying to reach the cemetery), is the Stockton Jail. I have never heard of the Stockton Jail, so coming across it was quite surprising. Unfortunately there is a chain-link fence around it, so you can't get super close, but you can get close enough. I have looked and looked and cannot find much history on the Stockton Jail, so if you DO find any information on it, please send it to me at To find the Stockton Jail, watch for the sign on the right that says "Stockton Cemetery". Turn right down that road, and you will drive right to and past the Stockton Jail. You can't miss it!

Another cool place to see in Stockton is the "Mayor's Grove" memorial. When you first come into Stockton, you will see it on your right hand side.


Driving around Stockton, I noticed some very cute birdhouses, tree swings, the Stockton City Hall, and a cute little park. I hear that inside the Stockton City Hall, they have a museum.


If you take the road past the Alex Baker Memorial Park, it will guide you to Jacob City, an old mining Ghost Town. I have not been to Jacob City yet, but have heard from many people that you have to take horses, bikes, walk, or ATV's to Jacob City. You can park at the trailhead, and take the trails into Jacob City. Read more about Jacob City HERE and HERE.  (Many sites describe the roads into Jacob City as very harsh and almost the last year they have redone the trails, and they are very easy to pass over.) I hope to make a trip up to Jacob City next Spring or Summer, and will report on it as soon as I do.


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