Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Utah light show

We went to Christmas Utah last night, and it was a BLAST! I am amazed at the lights this guy puts up at his house!  And, bonus: IT'S ALL FREE!

Located in Murray, UT, you have never seen a home light display quite like this! Light display is set to music, which you will need to access through your car stereo on 99.9 FM. If you do decide to get out and walk, he has a small speaker out front with the broadcast. You'll Santa waving from the window, the trees talking to each other and even running the light show from time to time, a band on the garage playing the instruments, and much more!

See a short video of highlights from Christmas Utah at the bottom of this post.

CLICK HERE to go to the Christmas Utah website for directions and more information.

You can also follow Christmas Utah on Facebook HERE.

Hours are:
Sunday through Thursday: 5:15pm to 10:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 5:15pm to 11:00pm

The music for the show is broadcast on 99.9 FM.  Be sure to tune your radio to 99.9 FM as you pull into the neighborhood.  Music is also piped to outdoor speakers for those willing to brave the cold, but the speakers turn off just before 10:00 as a courtesy to the neighbors.

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