Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daddy It's Cold Outside - FREE Download!

This is BY FAR my favorite Holiday song this year! SO SO SUPER CUTE! AND the group is letting you download it for FREE! CLICK HERE to download (right click on the big red box and then save target as).

Let’s go out and play, But daddy it’s cold outside
It’s a beautiful day,  But daddy it’s cold outside
Don’t wanna stay in, I’m chilly just feel my skin
It’s way too nice, just touch my cheeks, they’re just like ice
We can go shop for mom now,  or we can do that tomorrow.
Or a hot chocolate down at the store, rather stay and play on the floor
It’s Christmas we can go get our tree, but outside it’s way too chilly
Or go see your friends next store, way to cold to open the door

Oh what do you think, But daddy we’ll freeze out there
We’ll go skate at the rink, it’s up to my knees out there
And I’ll teach you how, I’d like to stay warm some how
I’ll hold your hand, It’s really cold please understand
No reason to wait for tomorrow,  I could learn to play the guitaro
It will be nice and cozy outside, don’t look for me cause I’m gonna hide
Let’s go out and play, but daddy it’s cold out
Daddy it’s cold outside

Now put on your coat, But daddy it’s cold outside
Get ready to go, But daddy it’s cold outside
We’ll walk into town, my nose is red like a clown
Just you and me, It’s so so cold why cant you see
I think that it has stopped snowing, but the wind still is blowing
And I shoveled a path up to the door, stay inside a little bit more
We really should just get going, call me when the heat starts growing
Its colder now then it was before, never felt it so cold before

Is it really that cold? , yes daddy it’s cold outside
Should we really not go, Yes daddy it’s cold outside
Let’s close up the door, yes just like I said before
Oh now I see, Let’s play a game just you and me.
We’ll write a nice note to Santa, I’ll go and get my pajamas
And tell him we’ll be waiting inside, and you know that we’ve gotta hide
We really can stay, cause daddy it’s cold out
Daddy it’s cold, out, side.


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