Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FREE Christmas and Holiday Music and Stories

Do you need something to get you in the mood while wrapping presents and decking the halls? Here are a few sites that you can listen to free holiday music and/or stories:

CLICK HERE for a playlist from Squawkbox Sound that you can set to shuffle, or play in order.

CLICK HERE for Munchkin Radio, where the music is geared towards kids, but fun for adults. You can choose all holidays, no holidays, or holiday lullabies.

CLICK HERE to go back to "the good ole days" when families would gather around the radio to hear a Chrsitmas program. You can listen to it on demand online, so no need to wait by the radio!

CLICK HERE to go to StoryNory, where you can listen online, or download for FREE and add to your iPod or on a CD.

CLICK HERE to download a FREE VeggieTales Christmas CD for the kids.

CLICK HERE for 25 FREE Christmas music downloads from Amazon.com.

CLICK HERE to go to FM100, where they play continuous nonstop Christmas music. You can even listen online by clicking in the upper right hand corner.

CLICK HERE to go to KOSY 106.5 and listen online to nonstop Christmas music.

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