Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Grief To Gratitude Teleseminar

This is SUCH a great idea! Many of us are dealing with loss this holiday season, and don't know how to deal with that grief.

This is a two-part teleseminar that will teach you how to turn that holiday grief into gratitude.

Sign up for Part 1, and if you like it, then sign up for Part 2.

CLICK HERE to register and for more information. Each teleseminar is $25.

This seminar is put on my Angel Shannon and Diane Cunningham. (Click on their names to read more about them).

Seminar Description:


December 14th Part I: If you or someone you know is experiencing loss, join Spiritual Stress Management Consultant Angel Shannon of AM630 KTALK radio’s Inspired Conversations, and Diane Cunningham, Life & Dream Coach on their upcoming 2 part coaching teleseminars. You will receive tips and strategies for dealing with loss during the holi...days

Learn the Phases of Grief…plus thought patterns that will help you adjust with Grace and Dignity such as:
*First Things First – taking care of yourself
*How You Feel – respecting, recognizing and nurturing your own thoughts
*The Grief Traps – 3 things that you should consciously avoid

December 20th Part II: continues information on thought patterns that will help you adjust with Grace and Dignity such as:
•Simplicity is your friend – how to adjust with a kind heart and fewer worries
•Take Another Look – create new traditions
•Socialization – it’s your choice!
•Making Lists – how to stay organized when you don’t feel like it
•Redirect Your Grief – ways to bring joy back into your life

Each part is $25.  Sign up for part ONE, then if you like it and you find it supportive to you, then please sign up again for part TWO.

After you sign up, you will be sent your conference codes + phone numbers to the Grief to Gratitude Calls.

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