Thursday, January 27, 2011

FREE Valentines Audio Story Downloads

We love different stories for all different occasions. My kids love to listen to a CD of stories and songs as they fall asleep at night, then tell me all about the stories in the morning.

Here are our favorite picks for Valentine and Love Stories downloads. The best thing is, they are all FREE and SAFE! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

(TIP: When you go to the story page, right click on the "download story" link and save it to your hard drive. From there you can add it to an iPod or CD. You can also read many of these online!)

Our favorite witch, Katie, is back with an all new Valentine adventure! One year at school, Katie’s form teacher was especially moody and grumpy. When Valentine’s Day was coming up, Katie and her friend Isis hatched a plan to make her teacher fall in love so that she would be “dancing on air” and in a good mood.
But Katie discovers that True Love must come from the heart, not from a magic spell.

St. Valentine was the first person to write a love letter signed “From your Valentine”. He did this in prison on the eve of February 14th, in the year 270 AD and this is his story.

There is a terribly romantic mood on the pond where Prince Bertie the Frog lives. All the pond life are excited by Valentine’s Day. But nobody is more excited than Bertie. All he has to do is to lure the Lovely Princess Beatrice down to the pond, receive a kiss from her Royal Loveliness, and he will turn back into his true self – a handsome prince. Sadie the Swan has a plan… but Colin the Carp is certain that it won’t be so easy to persuade a princess to kiss Bertie.

By the Brothers Grimm. Bertie likes stories about frogs. No doubt that’s because he is one himself. It seems that many of you do too, as the Maiden and the Frog is one of our most popular stories. This version by the Brothers Grimm is slightly more elevated: it involves no ordinary young maiden, but a princess, who like other princesses is sweet, but very particular about certain things, especially about not kissing frogs.

Traditional story of Cinderella and the glass slipper, and how she meets her handsome prince.

The story is based on the ballet by Tchaikovsky. We have incidental music from the ballet, but the highlight is a Swan Lake song specially written and recorded for this production. The song can be found here.

The Table and The chair, is a funny poem by Edward Lear about the relationship between the Table and the Chair. As with many of Lear’s poems the story is of a couple who run away together. The Table and the chair don’t roam quite as far as The Owl and the Pussy Cat or The Duck and the Kangeroo, but they do draw surprise from onlookers as they explore the the alley and the street. It’s a perfect Poem to read out aloud for Primary Years, and for older children to copy its structure in their own compositions (Five verses each with four rhyming couplets).

Sherehezade is married to the Sultan. All his many previous brides have been beheaded the morning after their wedding. Her plan to stay alive is to keep the terrible tyrant amused with stories, always leaving him wanting more.

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