Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Beautiful!

I have been wanting to get my lip waxed (me....moustache?! Never!) and my eyebrows done for quite some time now, but it never seems to fall under the "must have" category in the budget, and of course there's never any money left for the "fun haves"!

I am now able to go and get it done! Enjoy Utah's very own field expert, Jen, is going to beauty school, and needs to get 13 new clients during the month of January. She is offering waxing starting at $5, eyebrows for $8, and many other services for super cheap, including:
- manicures
- pedicures
- facials
- back treatments

If she is able to get the 13 new clients during January, she will be able to take an eyelash extension class, worth $1300, for FREE! Then we can all get her to do our eyelashes for us!

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, email with your phone #, and she will give you a call. (Phone #'s will be used for that purpose only, and are deleted after use). I've already got my appointment and can't wait!

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