Saturday, January 08, 2011

Monster Jam Fast Facts

Snapshot: Monster Truck Facts

· Height – Approximately 12’ / 3.6 Meters
· Width – Approximately 12’ / 3.6 Meters
· Length – Approximately 20’ / 6 Meters
· Weight – 10,000 lbs / 4500 Kilograms
· Tire Size – 66”/ 167cm / 1.7 Meters X 43”/ 109cm / 1 meter on a 25” / 63.5 cm Tall Wheel
· Motor Type – Supercharged Fuel Injected Big Block American V8
· Motor Size – less than 575 cubic Inches / 9.4 Litres displacement
· Horsepower – 1350 – 2000+
· Top Speed – 70 MPH/113 KM/H, Monster trucks are equipped with tachometers which measure the working speed of an engine versus speedometers which measure vehicle speed
· Suspension Travel – 20-32” Fully adjustable Nitrogen or Coilovers
· Chassis – Custom Steel minimum of 8 points that attached to main chassis
· Body – Fiberglass Composite with Lexan Windshield
· Fuel Capacity – 22 Gallon/ 83 Litre Fuel Cell
· Fuel Type – 99.9% Methanol (Alcohol)
· Fuel Economy – 7 Gallons per Mile/17 Litres per Kilometer

Truck Safety
o 50+ point safety inspection before each show
o Remote Ignition Interrupter (RII), Track Officials can shut a truck off at any time
o On Board Fire Extinguisher System

Driver Safety
o 5 Point Racing Harness
o Fire Resistant Suit, Shoes, Gloves and Racing Helmet
· Transport Trailer (loaded) – 62,000 lbs / 28,000 Kilograms

Snapshot: About Monster Jam Events:

· At Monster Jam, monster trucks face off in two different forms of competition -- side-by-side racing and freestyle:

o Side-by-side racing – traditional bracket racing, where the first truck, with the least amount of penalties, crosses the finish line is declared the winner.

o Freestyle competition – allows drivers a limited amount of time on the open floor to show off their skills. In this category, the fans serve as the judges.

· 2007 was the 25 year anniversary for the Grave Digger Team

· More than 4 million Monster Jam fans attend events each year worldwide

· The World Finals in Las Vegas, NV brings 24 of the top trucks in the world to compete for the World Freestyle and Racing Championships. Competitors are by invitation only.

· A monster truck race team will travel 45,000 Miles / 72,400 kilometers a year by land to attend events.

· Typical monster trucks cost $600,000 yearly to build, staff, compete, transport and maintain on the Monster Jam tour.

· Steel body full-size cars are the vehicles typically crushed during a monster truck event.

o Cars, as well as vans, buses, motor homes, airplanes and ambulances, are attained from local junkyards and returned after each event.

o Average number of cars crushed per year: 3,000.

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