Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ogden 2nd Annual WINTERFEST!

Oh yes, you read it right! It may be cold, it may be dark, it may be miserable and Utahns are just holding out for Spring... but never fear, Winterfest is here! If this doesn't get you out and loving the snow again, move to Florida because you will not last here.

They're closing off Historic 25th and building a winter wonderland!

Details are here, and trust me, there are too many to list! Flag Football in the freezing mud? Check! Online registration still going on for that! Itchy feet that need a 5k run? Check! Online registration still open for that!
Kids play area, sledding and tubing, a tobaggen parade, polar bear swim, doggie costume contest, human dog sled race... whew, I'm getting winded just typing it all out!

January 28th- 29th.

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