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Salt Lake County Library Events - February

The Salt Lake County Library always has tons of events going on for families of all ages! Below is a description of special events.

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Lego Car Races - Ready Race Party
Ages 5 and up. Get out of the cold and experience the Indy 500. Ready Race Party will provide legos and a deluxe race-track. Make lego cars and then race them. Drop in anytime between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. (We don't get to keep the legos). No registration required.
Feb. 25th - 3pm Taylorsville Library

Princess and the Dragon
Families. Puppet Show. A fiery dragon is making trouble in the kingdom, and all the princes turn out to try their hand in the adventure. Will they be able to get rid of it or will it be the princess instead?
Feb 7th - 7pm Bingham Creek Library
Feb 12th - 11am Herriman Library
Feb 17th - 10:30am Sandy Library
Feb 18th - 10:30am Sandy Library
Feb. 23rd - 11:15am Draper Library
Feb. 23rd - 1:15pm Draper Library
Feb 28th - 7pm West Valley Library
GO - Organizing Your Kitchen and Pantry
Adults. Learn a "Clear and Simple" way of organizing your kitchen and pantry.
Feb. 9th - 7pm Bingham Creek Library

Teen Valentine's Origami
Ages 11-18. Feeling creative? Join us for a fun afternoon of paper folding with origami expert Ginger Brakke. If you'd like to make a valentine's surprise for someone special, bring a dollar bill. Origami paper will be provided.
Feb. 12th - 2pm Bingham Creek Library

Family Craft Night
Families. Chinese New Year was February 3rd. Join us to celebrate by making a bracelet or a dragon.
Feb. 14th - 7pm Bingham Creek Library

Women And Heart Disease: What You Need To Know
Adults. More women die from cardiovascular disease each year that men. Come and learn how to prevent heart disease and stroke. Learn the signs of a heart attack.
Feb. 22nd - 7pm Draper Library
Feb. 23rd - 7pm Bingham Creek Library

Movies At The Library
Feb. 9th - 6:30pm Ruth Vine Tyler Library (Family Movie)
Feb. 14th - 7pm Draper Library (A fun family movie)
Feb 25th - 3:30pm Sandy Library (Teen Movie)
Feb. 26th - 2pm Bingham Creek Library (A fun family movie)

President Lincoln
Ages 5-11. Why was Lincoln known as "Honest Abe"? Learn some of the songs and games that were popular during the civil war. Hear stories about Lincoln and learn some of his favorite quotes.
Feb. 28th - 7pm Bingham Creek Library

Hearts, Lace, And Love: Design A Valentine
Families are invited to come into the Columbus library and make a valentine for a special someone.
Feb 1st - Feb 12th Columbus Library

Heart Attack And Stroke: What You Need To Know
This talk describes the basic facts of cardiovascular disease including how common it is in the United States. The audience will learn how to recognize the common and not-so-common signs and symptoms of heart attacks and strokes and what to do if these occur. We will discuss risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease and how to reduce your risk. A list of trusted websites will be given for those who would like to continue to learn about this subject.
Feb. 1st - 7pm Columbus Library
Feb 3rd - 7pm Draper Library

Fiction Writing Group
Writing group for adults, focusing mostly on speculative fiction. Sponsored by the Community Writing Center.
Feb. 1st - 6pm Columbus Library

Build A Bird: Tracy Aviary
We are delighted to have Tracy Aviary come and give an informative family program about birds and their adaptations.Whenever we enjoy something about the way a plant or animal looks or acts, we're really experiencing species survival tricks called "adaptations." The Build-A-Bird program introduces audiences to the basics and intricacies that make birds so unique. From their wings and feathers to their bones and gizzard, birds are exquisite flying machines. Participants will recreate these avian adaptations with fun props and then view some of these adaptations up-close with a visit from an Aviary bird.
Feb. 4th - 3pm Columbus Library

Recycled Book Love Speed Dating
Try a new twist on speed dating! Bring a paperbook you like with your name and a way to contact you in the back.Then convince someone else to read it in a speed dating setting. You could meet that someone special if they take your book at the end. Registration required by calling the Columbus Library or GO HERE.
Feb. 9th - 7:30pm Columbus Library

The Pajama Monster
Young Glenwood Haggins doesn't want to give up his beloved onsies for the new, big boy pajamas his mom wants him to wear. But Mom makes him...Big mistake! For little does Mom know, these new pajamas will turn him into a MONSTER! Told with a blend of puppets and live acting. This fun tale is safe for kids of all ages and will entertain the littlest of the littles and the biggest of the bigs.
Feb. 2nd - 7pm Kearns Library
Feb. 7th - 7pm South Jordan Library
Feb. 22nd - 7pm Hunter Library
Feb 25th - 4pm Columbus Library
Feb 26th - 11am Riverton Library

Pajama Time
For kids of all ages with a participating adult. “Pajammy to the left. Pajammy to the right. Everybody’s wearing them for storytime tonight.” Join us for stories, songs and fun (with or without your jammies).
feb 14th - 7pm West Jordan Library

Name That Candy Bar Contest
Teens and Adults - Celebrate Chocolate Lovers Month! Try to guess which candy bars are pictured, and then turn in your answers at the Information Desk for a piece of chocolate. A chocolaty prize will go to both the teen and adult with the most correct answers!
Feb 1st - 26th Draper Library
Feb. 1st - 4th Holladay Library

Chocolate Poetry Contest
Write a poem using names of chocolate candy. Turn in your poem at the Information Desk for a piece of chocolate. Teens will vote on the submissions at February 24th's Chocolate Cinema program, where the winner will then be announced.
Feb. 7th - 12th Holladay Library

Chocolate Trivia Contest
See if you're up to the challenge of answering the Chocolate Trivia questions. Turn in your answers at the Information Desk for a piece of chocolate. Winner will be determined and announced at February 24th's Chocolate Cinema program.
Feb. 14th - 18th Holladay Library

How Well Do You Know Your Chocolate
For Valentine's Day, we want to know how well you know you know your chocolate. Come into the library and pick up a Chocolate Trivia Quiz. Using any library or online resources, answer 6 questions correctly about Chocolate and get a piece of chocolate! Chocolate will be available at the Children's Desk. No registration required.
Feb. 7th - 14th Whitmore Library

Chocolate Cinema
Teens come celebrate the end of Chocolate Lovers' Month as we watch a movie where some kids wreak havoc in Johnny Depp's chocolate factory. Movie rated PG (for ages 12-19).
Feb. 24th - 3:30pm Holladay Library

American Girl Valentine Party
Come dressed up for a Valentine party and bring your favorite American Girl doll. We’ll have stories from the different girls, make valentines like Samantha, dance like Kit, play games like Molly, practice manners like Felicity and receive recipes from all four for your own Valentine party.
Feb 5th - 2pm Draper Library
Feb 5th - 11am Riverton Library
Feb. 8th - 7pm Ruth Vine Tyler Library

Health For Your Heart: Nutrition And Exercise For Children And Adults
Have you ever wondered if your kids are getting the proper nutrition, exercise, or sleep? Are you trying to shed a few pounds? Do you wish you had more energy to keep up with your kids or grandkids? This presentation is a great starting point for those interested in improving their family eating habits or becoming more active. Learn how to create more healthy meals and find out how much exercise is needed to lose or maintain weight. Discover the specific dietary and sleep recommendations for children made by the American Heart Association. This talk benefits the whole family!
Feb 10th - 7pm Draper Library
Feb. 16th - 7pm Ruth Vine Tyler Library

Valentine Buttons
Give your sweetheart or loved one a valentine gift that he or she can show off to everyone!! Join us for Valentine buttons! For teens grades 6th-12th.
Feb 4th - 3pm West Valley Library
Feb. 12th - 2pm Draper Library

Candy Heart Art
Join us for various candy heart creations! Come make bracelets, necklaces, and more out of a variety of your favorite Valentine's Day candy.
Feb 18th - 3pm West Valley Library

Health For Your Heart: Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
Does someone you know have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke, or peripheral vascular disease)? Come to this informative talk and learn more about these conditions and how to manage them to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.
Feb. 9th - 7pm Kearns Library
Feb 17th - 7pm Draper Library

Winter Yoga
Looking for a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy? Come stretch and laugh with your kids! Space is limited and registration is required. All family members should register individually online with whatever library they will be attending at.
Feb. 1st - 7pm Hunter Library
Feb 8th - 7pm Whitmore Library
Feb. 9th, 16th, 23rd - 7pm West Jordan Library
Feb. 10th - 7pm Herriman Library
Feb. 14th 7pm Ruth Vine Tyler Library
Feb. 28th - 7pm Draper Library

Wii Free Play
Everyone is invited to come hang out and play Wii at the library. We provide the Wii connected to the BIG screen, with 2 controllers. You're welcome to bring your own games and controllers from home (you're responsible for your own equipment.) We'll have Wii Sport, Super Smash Bro., Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, and the equipment and games for Rock Band 2 and Disney Sing It.
Feb. 18th - 3pm Herriman Library

Valentine Origami
Holiday Origami with the popular Origami Lady!
Feb. 7th - 7pm Taylorsville Library
Feb. 8th - 7pm Holladay Library
Feb. 9th - 4pm Kearns Library
Feb. 12th - 11am West Jordan Library

My Many Colored Days
Jump, hop, gallop, stretch and bounce as we explore emotions and colors in Dr. Seuss’s classic “My Many Colored Days.” For all kids ages 1-10
Feb 23rd - 10:30am Holladay Library
Feb 28th - 7pm South Jordan Library

Dr Suess Reading Program
Preschool - 6th grade. Get ready for Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading 10 of his books. Pick up your reading record at the information desk starting Monday, January 24, 2011. Complete the reading record and earn a prize!
Now through Feb. 28th - Taylorsville Library

Teen Time
Teens, ages 11-19, join us for games and fun. Make a fun Valentine's pencil too!
Feb. 4th - 4pm Hunter Library

Hot Cocoa Bar
Families.Come in out of the cold and enjoy some Hot Chocolate at the library.
Feb. 12th - 10am Hunter Library

Twilight Party
For teens, ages 12-18. (This event requires parent approval and registration) Dress as your favorite vampire or werewolf and enjoy a night of food and fun based on the Twilight series books.
Feb. 12th - 6:30pm Hunter Library

Lullabies At The Library
Families. Bring your little ones to an evening of lullabies and bedtime stories. Singer/guitarist Joe Criswell will entertain you with classic sing-alongs, mellow melodies and some sweet bedtime stories.
Feb. 28th - 7pm Hunter Library

Knitting For Teens
Teens can create simple knitted scarves, hats, and more to donate to a local charity. No experience needed. (Grades 7-12)
Feb. 2nd - 3pm Kearns Library
Feb. 16th - 3pm Kearns Library

Teen Craft: Valentines Cards
Come make a cool valentine for that special someone. Using pins to create words and designs, you can make unique cards to give on Valentine's Day. (Grades 7-12)
Feb. 3rd - 3pm Kearns Library

Carnival Of Animals
Explore "The Carnival of the Animals," Saint-Saens musical suite for children, through listening, movement and a craft, ending with our own very Animal Parade. Ages 2-12
Feb. 8th - 4pm Kearns Library

Dia de Carino
Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day the way they do in Latin America. With chocolates and crafts, games and other Latin Traditions.Feb. 10th - 7pm Kearns Library

Valentines Make And Take
Come to the library and make and take your own Valentine's creation for that special someone!
Feb 11th - 12th Kearns Library

Teen Anti-Valentines Activity and Movie
Take a break from all the love, come participate in some anti-valentine's activites and watch Gremlins! In this movie, called the 'funniest scary movie you'll ever see', an unusual present called a "mogwai" is given to Billy by his dad with three basic rules for caring for the pet: never get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight. When Billy inadvertently breaks one of the rules, the consequences multiply at an alarming rate that builds to an explosively suspenseful climax. (Rated PG)  (Grades 7-12)
Feb. 14th - 3pm Kearns Library

Anti-Valentines' Day Party
Ages 10-16 years. Tired of Valentine's Day? You will enjoy this anti-celebration. Join us for fun activites and games for the cynical of heart.
Feb 9th - 3:30pm Sandy Library

Jar Of Hearts Guessing Game
Visit the Children's Desk and guess how many candy hearts are in the jar. All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for the candy jar and some sweet books! 1 guess per child per visit.
Feb 1st - 14th Riverton Library

Meet and greet a boa constrictor,a green tinged macaw,sugar gliders, iguanas and more.Feb 7th - 7pm Riverton Library

Teen Valentines Craft
Come pick up a Valentine Charm Bracelet Craft to make for yourself or your special someone. Pick up your kit at the Information desk while supplies last.
Feb 8th and 9th - Riverton Library

Make A Valentine
Come to the Riverton library anytime between 10 and 3 and make a valentine for someone you love.
Feb 12th - 10am Riverton Library

Make A Valentine Chain
Help us decorate the children's area by making a valentine to add to our chain of hearts. How long will it be on Valentine's Day? Stop by the children's desk for materials.
Feb 1st through 14th - Sandy Library

Native Animals by Reptile Rescue
For all ages. Come meet the Reptile Man and his amazing animals. Meet native animals of Utah including a rattle snake.
Feb 9th - 7pm Sandy Library

Look At Me!
For ages K-6th grade. Show everyone how you see yourself when you create a self-portrait.
Feb 10th - 4pm Sandy Library

Book Adventures
For K-2nd grades. Explore excellent books, classic tales, and favorite authors through stories, science experiments, games, and crafts. For children in kindergarten through 2nd grade.
Feb 7th - 4pm Sandy Library
Feb 14th - 4pm Sandy Library
Feb 28th - 4pm Sandy Library

Robin Hood And His Merry Men In The Sherwood Forest
Maid Marian takes you inside Nottingham and the Sherwood Forest. Learn about Robin Hood and how he outsmarted the Sheriff of Nottingham. Includes costumes for children to dress up like Robin Hood, Will Scarlet and Maid Marian. Make a Robin Hood hat to take home to continue your adventures of Robin Hood.
Feb 7th - 7:30pm Calvin S Smith Library

Take Home Craft: Patriotic Noise Maker
All ages. Celebrate President's Day. Pick up a take home craft at the library.
Feb. 14th - 19th Taylorsville Library

Raising Backyard Chickens
Adults. Learn about raising backyard chickens with expert, Celia Bell. She will cover a variety of topics related to raising chickens including: preparing for backyard chickens, breed selection, housing, food, and water, basic chicken care, chickens and your garden, hazards and health management, collecting and storing eggs, and legalities and your neighborhood. No registration required. Feb. 15th - 7pm Taylorsville Library

Duct Tape Rose Pen
Teens. Make a Valentine for yourself or your Valentine! Stop by the library and make Duct tape rose pen.
Feb. 5th - 2pm to 5pm West Jordan Library

Speed Stacking Club
School-age kids. Join the Speed Stacking craze! Learn how to stack and unstack your cups with dazzling speed. Compete against yourself and others to win prizes. It's fun! It's amazing! It's Speed Stacking!
Feb 24th -4pm West Jordan Library

Scrabble Night
Adults. Can you spell F-U-N. Come show off your spelling skills and win prizes.
Feb 28th - 7pm West Jordan Library

Write For The Heights Literacy Fair
Authors Paul Genesse, Virginia Smith, and Amy Wadsworth will speak. Come listen to these authors tell their stories and discuss the writing process.
Feb 5th - 12pm to 5pm Whitmore Library

The Magic Of Reading
Magician Extraordinaire, Paul Brewer, will entertain the whole family with the MAGIC OF READING!
Feb 7th - 7pm Whitmore Library

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