Thursday, February 17, 2011

Check Your Facebook Settings ASAP!

Because I don't want you to miss out on upcoming events, contests, fun things to do with your family, and places to see in Utah, I wanted to give you all a heads up about a new setting on Facebook that might have you missing updates. I've noticed that many of our "regular" fans on Facebook haven't been seeing the contests and updates lately, and this explains it!
If you've noticed lately that you're only getting updates on Facebook from the same people, you're not the only one. The reason - Facebook has a new setting that is automatically set to show posts from the people the you interact with the most. Whatever that means...

Anyway, it a really simple fix and here's how:

At the top of your Facebook home page, click Most Recent
Click the down arrow next to Most Recent
Click Edit Options

A box will pop up and you can choose from two options: Show posts from ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND PAGES or Show posts from friends and pages you interact with the most.


A HUGE thanks to MySLCMommy for this valuable information!

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