Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Cupid Is Stupid" Party With B98.7

B98.7 is hosting their annual "Cupid Is Stupid" party on Thursday, February 10th at Keys On Main in Salt Lake City (242 So Main Street). It starts at 6pm and goes until everybody is done partying! (MAKE SURE you COME EARLY! The first big prize is already gone at 6:30pm!!!!)

B98.7 is having callers call in to get on their guest lists, but they have offered readers of Enjoy Utah! to automatically be on the list! Just show up, tell them you heard about it on the Enjoy Utah! site, and you can get in. PLUS, it's COMPLETELY FREE (except for drinks)!!!!!

The "Cupid Is Stupid" party is their way to show the love to the 40% of their audience that's single--every radio station fawns over the marrieds and gives away a pile of goodies.  Well, they are too, but "CIS" is a big party (300-400 people) they throw on Thursday, 2.10.11 at Keys On Main in SLC.

Both KUTV2 and "Good Things Utah" from KTVX will be covering the night.

They're giving away lots of goodies--like hotel stays, dinners, massages--but the real fun is to simply mock the whole overblown Valentine's thing.  There's a gigantic heart pinata to beat on, a burning barrel to get rid of old love letters, a photo booth and video confessional booth--you get the idea. 

Everything but the drinks are free, and it's a fun way to remember that Valentine's Day is NOT just for the marrieds!


  1. That is too funny! I just might go!

  2. Tawnya......GO!!!!! It sounds like a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! It's free, you're already on the guest list......what could be better?!?! :)

  3. "Enjoy Utah!" readers are welcome at the party--we'd love to have you! Be early--we give away the first trip and hotel stays at 6:30. Erin B98.7

  4. Thanks Erin! It sounds like a BLAST! :)


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