Monday, February 07, 2011

Daybreak Video Contest

Don’t miss your chance to get slightly rich and famous. As you know, we’re creating a couple of TV commercials using video shot by Daybreak residents. We’ve gotten some great stuff from a few of your neighbors, but we need more! Don’t worry if you’re not a great videographer. Even if your videos aren’t perfectly lit or perfectly composed or perfectly not-shaky, we want to see them. And if you have still photos of life around Daybreak, we want to see them too!

If your video or photos are selected for one of our TV spots, you’ll receive a $100 gift card. But you have ONLY TWO WEEKS! The deadline is February 13!

What kinds of scenes are we looking for?
All kinds. All seasons. And in all the places around Daybreak: at home, in the parks, on the trails, at school, on and around the lake, in the swimming pool, at SoDa Row, and so on. The main idea is show life here, so mostly we want people shots — you, your family, friends, etc. Here are some scenes we’re thinking of, but don’t let this limit you:
•  Panoramic shots of the neighborhoods, mountains and/or the lake
•  Playing, sledding, picnicking in the parks
•  Jogging and biking on the trails
•  Community gardening
•  Community centers: swimming, playing tennis, yoga class, etc.
•  Shopping, dining or events at SoDa Row
•  Fishing or boating on Oquirrh Lake
•  Dancing at an outdoor concert
•  Walking to school
•  Home scenes: the progress of your home being built, playing in the front yard, cooking dinner, opening birthday presents, family gatherings
•  Pets: Dogs playing at the dog park, cats sitting in the window, etc.
•  Time lapse shots, like sunrise on the Oqhirrhs
•  Blooper moments

Kids are adorable but we want to see grown-ups too. Daybreak is a diverse place. We want to depict it that way.

Raw video is as good as (maybe even better than) edited video. Don’t feel like you have to give us super-polished stuff.

Collect $100. If your video or stills are submitted by the deadline and selected for any of the TV commercials, you’ll receive a $100 gift card. (And even if your work isn’t selected for the TV spots, it may show up on the LiveDAYBREAK YouTube channel.)


You have three ways to submit:
1. If your submissions are less than 10 MB, email them to
2. For submissions between 10 and 100 MB, you can go to and use the same email address as above:
3. Or just burn your stuff onto a CD or DVD and drop it off at either of Daybreak’s information centers. Any submission over 100 MB must be delivered this way. (And just to be clear: we prefer high-resolution video and images. So please don’t use email or YouSendIt if it means lowering the quality of your submission.)

You must submit a signed release with your video. We need a legal release for everyone depicted. So if your video includes your neighbor’s kids, we’ll need a release from the neighbors, too. Use this link to download the release form, print it out, complete and sign the form, then fax it to 877-496-9978, scan and email it to or drop it off at either of Daybreak’s information centers.

Don’t forget to submit your contact information, too. If your video is selected, we’ll need to know where to send your gift card.

Thanks for helping us tell the Daybreak story.

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