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SL County Library Events - March

The Salt Lake County Libraries always have tons of events going on for families of all ages! Below is a description of special events.

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Utah Ghost Towns and Abandoned Mines
Adults. At once sepulchral and historical, picturesque and mysterious, Utah's ghost towns and abandoned mines are among the most plentiful in the West. Join us for a multimedia presentation about mining, agricultural, railroad towns and discuss preservation and protection efforts. Then take a trip this spring to experience Utah’s rich ghost town and mining history yourself.
March 5th at 4pm - West Jordan Library

Teen Life Before Technology
Ages 11-18. Celebrate Teen Tech Week all month! What was life like before modern-day technology? Test your knowledge with this fun contest. Turn in your entry at the information desk for a treat and a chance to win a techie prize at the end of the month.
March 1st through March 31st - Bingham Creek Library
March 1st through March 31st - Taylorsville Library
March 14th through March 31st - Draper Library

The Trickiest Leprechaun
Families. Puppet Show. Patrick the leprechaun is cute, funny and clever - but he also likes to make mischief, especially when he thinks people are after his gold.
March 7th at 10:30am - Sandy Library
March 7th at 7pm - Bingham Creek Library
March 8th at 10:30am - Sandy Library
March 14th at 7pm - South Jordan Library
March 17th at 4pm - Holladay Library
March 29th at 10:30am - Riverton Library
March 30th 10:30am - Riverton Library

Leprechaun Gold
Kids, see if you can find the Lucky Leprechaun hidden in the Children's room and get a piece of gold.
March 7th through March 19th - Sandy Library

CD Art For Teens
Ages 11-18. Celebrate Teen Tech Week by creating a work of art out of old CDs. We will supply all of the materials.
March 10th at 4pm - Bingham Creek Library

Family Craft Night
Families. Join us for a fun St. Patrick's Day craft.
March 14th at 7pm - Bingham Creek Library

Celtic Music By Harvest Home
Families. Celtic Music and audience interactive songs. Dan & Annie Eastmond on guitar, mandolin, tinwhistle, fiddle, banjo, voice. Limericks & Irish blessings thrown in for good measure. Whole family will enjoy!
March 7th at 7pm - Holladay Library
March 14th at 7pm - Kearns Library
March 21st at 7pm - Bingham Creek Library
March 28th at 7pm - Hunter Library

Family Movie Night
Families. Join us for a fun family movie.
March 14th at 7pm - Riverton Library
March 15th at 6:30pm - Holladay Library ("Hoosiers")
March 16th at 6:30pm - Ruth Vine Tyler Library
March 28th at 7pm - Bingham Creek Library
March 28th at 7pm - Draper Library

Kids' Afternoon At The Movies
Kids, come enjoy the movie of the month on the big screen. Feel free to bring a pillow and a blanket.
March 3rd at 4pm - West Jordan Library
March 22nd at 3:30pm -Sandy Library ("The Goonies)

Bach And Buster Buddy Dog Safety Program
Kids and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Since nearly half of all dog bites involve kids being bitten by the family dog, the Bach and Buster Dog Safety Program helps kids stay safe by teaching them to make the right choices around familiar and unfamiliar dogs with fun, interactive activities.
March 25th at 10:30am - Columbus Library

Ready Race Lego Program
Experience the thrills of the Indy 500! Ready Race provides legos to build your own super race car then race it down one of two deluxe race tracks.(You don't get to keep the legos.)
March 19th at 11am - Herriman Library (Tickets can be picked up at the information desk, beginning at 10:45 a.m.)
March 18th at 2pm - Riverton Library
March 21st at 7pm - Columbus Library
March 31st at 4pm - West Jordan Library

Mommy and Me Legos
For children ages 3 - 5. Registration required. Class size is limited. Come have some fun building with Legos and maybe you'll learn something, too!
March 3rd at 9:30am - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 3rd at 11:30am - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 4th at 10:30am - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 4th at 11:30am - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 10th at 10:30am - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 10th at 11:30am - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 11th at 10:30am - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 11th at 11:30am - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 25th at 10:30am - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 25th at 11:30am - Sandy Library (click here to register)

After School Legos
For children ages 6 - 12. Registration required. Class size is limited. Come build something fun using Legos and maybe you'll learn something, too.
March 2nd at 4pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 2nd at 5pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 3rd at 4pm - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 3rd at 5pm - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 9th at 4pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 9th at 5pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 10th at 4pm - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 10th at 5pm - Draper Library (801) 943-4636
March 16th at 4pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 16th at 5pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 23rd at 4pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 23rd at 5pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 30th at 4pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)
March 30th at 5pm - Sandy Library (click here to register)

Teen Movie Night
Celebrate Teen Tech Week all month! Kick off Teen Tech month by coming to a movie at the library! Bring a pillow and blanket.
March 3rd at 7pm - Draper Library
March 25th at 3:30pm - Sandy Library ("17 Again")
March 28th at 6pm - Whitmore Library ("Back To The Future")

Wild About Books
For ages 3 - 12. Meet five different exotic animals from around the world. Touch the animals, ask questions and learn animal facts in an entertaining and interactive way. Continue learning about animals by checking out books from the library after the program.
March 11th at 4pm - Draper Library
March 14th at 7pm - Calvin S Smith Library
March 21st at 7pm - Whitmore Library

Kid Fiddlers
For families! Kid Fiddlers raise the roof wherever they go with toe tapping interactive music, clogging and yodeling. Come join the fun!
March 26th at 2pm - Draper Library

Meals In Minutes
It’s in the Bag Food Storage and the WOW Diet - Learn a fast, convenient, delicious, and inexpensive method for 'baby stepping' your way to family food security. Save space and time by organizing your food storage using this convenient new bag-meal system. When you're finished, you'll be able to grab a bag, follow the recipe, and enjoy a delicious meal your family will love. And learn how to lose weight, feel great and NEVER be hungry using this system.
March 9th at 7pm - Riverton Library
March 10th at 7pm - Holladay Library
March 29th at 7pm - Draper Library

Poetry And Pages Teen Cafe
Bring your own supper (in a brown bag, of course!) to our cozy teen cafe in the small meeting room for an evening of book & poetry discussion. Some refreshments provided. Our March Book of the Month is Brain Jack by Brian Falkner, with a Teen Tech Month sci fi/computer theme.
March 10th at 6pm - Herriman Library (click here to register)

Family Winter Yoga Class
Greentree Yoga presents a family yoga class. Everyone attending needs to be old enough to participate. Families are required to register (each family member needs to reservation). This class will be held on the second Thursday of the month, January 2011-March 2011.
March 8th at 7pm - Whitmore Library (click here to register)
March 10th at 7pm - Herriman Library (click here to register)
March 14th at 7pm - Ruth Vine Tyler Library

Japanese Pop Culture Lock-In Party
For 12 - 19 year olds. Come to the library after hours Fri. night for our Japanese Pop Culture lock-in party, featuring a local ninja for hire, who will dazzle us with his ninja skills, plus other activities. Bring your own sleeping bag & snacks (no ninja weapons, please!). Some snacks will be provided. Online registration required, plus a permission slip signed by your parents will be required at the door for admittance to the event.March 25th from 7pm to 10:30pm - Herriman Library (click here to register)

Ninja For Hire
Come see a real Ninja. He dresses as a Ninja, has all the Ninja weapons and knows a lot about Ninja history. He is all Ninja, all the time.
March 26th at 2pm - Ruth Vine Tyler Library

Did-Ya Hear That?
Teens: Listen to an audiobook (Recommended Audiobooks list available at the information desk). Write a review about the book and turn it in at the information desk to choose a free book! Turning in four reviews will earn you a $5 library fine waiver. All reviews are due by 9 pm on March 31, 2011. Each review must contain: a comment about narrator/narration, a comment about the story, a comment about a character(s), and if the teen liked the book or not. March 1st through March 31st - Holladay Library

Why I Love The Library Essay Contest
For children ages 6-11: Write a one-page essay about why you love the library. Receive a treat when you turn in your essay at the Holladay reference desk. Essays due by April 1st. Essays will be on display at our We Love Libraries! Party on April 11, 2011, where the winner will be randomly drawn from the participants' names.
March 1st through April 1st - Holladay Library

Make A Mardi Gras Mask
Teens. Stop in and make a fun mask. No charge or registration needed.
March 7th at 4pm - Hunter Library
March 18th at 3pm - West Valley Library

Basic Digital Photography
Have you learned to use that new digital camera? Before you go on that vacation or get too far into the summer months come in and learn the basics of your camera. You'll learn how a digital camera works, the best settings to use for different situations and how to improve the composition of your photo. No more blurry uninteresting vacation photos! Come join us at the library and bring your camera and note taking materials.
March 9th at 7pm - Kearns Library
March 16th at 7pm - Hunter Library

Princess Amerah Royal Storytime
Princess Amerah will read stories and sing. You can bring a camera and take a picture of your child with her.
March 19th at 2pm - Ruth Vine Tyler Library
March 21st at 11am - Hunter Library
March 30th at 4pm - Kearns Library

Kearns Anime Art Contest
Create your own unique anime art for the Kearns Fourth Annual Anime Art Contest. The art can be hand drawn or digitally produced. Turn in as many entries as desired for prizes awarded to first, second and third place. Everyone who enters will get a prize. Prizes will be supplied by the library and donations. Entries will be put on display in the Kearns Library.
March 1st through March 29th - Kearns Library

Gaming For Teens
Join other teens at the library for a fun afternoon of Wii and PlayStation games. (Grades 7-12)March 4th at 3pm - West Valley Library
March 9th at 4pm - Riverton Library
March 15th at 3pm - Kearns Library
March 17th at 6pm - Taylorsville Library

Special Needs Sensory Storytime
A unique storytime for children with special needs. These storytimes will be geared to autistic children but any child of any age is welcome. The attendance of a participating adult is required. Attendance is limited. Please contact Carrie Rogers-Whitehead at Kearns Library for more information. (801) 944-7611.
March 26th at 10:30am - Kearns Library (click here to register)

Superhero Mask Take-Home Craft
Fly into the library and pick up a masked superhero craft. 2-11 years old.
March 1st through March 12th - Riverton Library

Happy Birthday Dr Suess!
Fun activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. YEAH! Ages 4-11.
March 2nd at 4pm - Riverton Library

Kids' Craft Corner
Join us anytime between 1pm to 8 p.m. for an awesome make and take craft. Ages 2-11.
March 21st - Riverton Library

American Girls Bouquet Of Springtime
Tiptoe through the tulips with the American Girls and hear a boquet of Springtime Stories. Hear Stories about Kirsten, from the American Frontier, Felicity, from Williamsburg in 1776, Molly from World War II, Kit from the depression, and Samantha from the Victorian Era. Along with the stories dance and enjoy crafts and learn how to have a strawberry soiree with your friends. Bring your doll and dress as your favorite American Girl.March 2nd at 7pm - Sandy Library

Junior Chefs
Ages k-6th grade. Want to learn how to cook like a professional? Come watch our demo and make your own delicious food.
March 8th at 4pm - Sandy Library

Come and learn about dinosaurs.
March 10th at 4pm - Sandy Library

Computer Lock-In Pizza Party
Ages 11-17 yrs. Come get locked in the library to use computers after hours. Sign up at the Youth Services Desk! We will have pizza for dinner.
March 11th at 6pm - Sandy Library (801) 944-7579

Movie And A Craft
Kids, join us for a short movie, 30 mins., and a craft afterwards.
March 14th at 10:30am - Sandy Library
March 15th at 10:30am - Sandy Library

Alice In Wonderland
Scera's Youth Theater Acting Up will be performing Disney's Alice in Wonderland.
March 14th at 7pm - Sandy Library

Book Adventures
For K-2nd grades. Explore excellent books, classic tales, and favorite authors through stories, science experiments, games, crafts, and snacks. For children in kindergarten through 2nd grade.March 21st at 4pm - Sandy Library
March 28th at 4pm - Sandy Library

Mont Magic's Suess
March celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Come join us as Mont "Magic" uses Magic to remind us of several Dr. Seuss favorites using magic based on his books.
March 12th at 11am - Calvin S Smith Library

Beyonders - Who's Your Hero Contest
4th – 9th grade. Tell us who your hero is. Participants will be entered into a random drawing for an advanced reader’s copy of Brandon Mull’s Beyonders: A World Without Heroes. The contest winner will receive the book before the release date along with a Beyonders book bag! The contest begins, Monday, February 28, 2011 and ends Thursday, March 10, 2011. Pick up an entry form at the information desk. Winner will be notified Friday.
Feb. 28th through March 10th - Taylorsville Library

Dr Suess Birthday Bash
Families. Join us for a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration! Drop in anytime between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. for nonsensical fun. No registration required.
March 2nd at 7pm - Taylorsville Library

Irish Door Hanger
All ages. Drop by the library and pickup a take home craft. Bring the luck of the Irish home to hang on your door. No registration required.
March 14th through March 19th - Taylorsville Library

Spring Into Cleaning
Adults & teens. Marilyn Albertson of the Utah State University Extension will teach how to get started with spring cleaning. This informative class will include creating a cleaning plan, techniques for cleaning each area of the home, ways to handle quick cleanups and how to save money by using homemade cleaning products. "Go green” when you clean. No registration required
March 16th at 7pm - Taylorsville Library

Wimpy Kid Party
All ages. School's out today! You've read the books now join us for a ton of Wimpy Kid Fun. We're having a party to celebrate the release of the Rodrick Rules movie. Drop in anytime between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. No registration required.
March 25th at 11am - Taylorsville Library

Meals In Minutes: Food Storage In A Bag
Adults. Michelle Snow is the author of the best selling food storage book, It's in the Bag: a New, Easy, Affordable and Doable Approach to Food Storage. She will present fantastic ways of storing food and organizing quick, easy, and delicious meals for your family. Michelle will also demo techniques from her two upcoming books. No registration required.
March 30th at 7pm - Taylorsville Library

Read Rover A Story
Come read to a dog! Wonderful Intermountain Therapy dogs will be here to give kids a great, low-stress reading experience. Space is limited so registration is required. Register at the Tyler Library information desk or call 944-7642. March 5th at 11am - Ruth Vine Tyler Library

Viva Vegetables: Legumes
Adults. Come learn how to nourish your body with legumes. We will discuss the health benefits of legumes, and how to select, prepare, and store them. We will also demonstrate a recipe using legumes and provide samples for tasting.
March 9th at 7pm - West Jordan Library

Hooping For Fun and Fitness
Teens and Adults. Hooping is so entertaining and fun that it doesn't feel like exercise! Even if you have NEVER hooped before, it’s extremely easy to learn using our hoops. Hooping is especially fun to do with other hoopers and it can be a GREAT core workout. Hoop often and watch your body change! Benefits include shrinking and toning your waist, hips, buttocks, legs and arms. Hoops will be provided.
March 19th at 11am - West Jordan Library

Pajama Time
For kids of all ages with a participating adult. "Pajammy to the left. Pajammy to the right.-Everybody's wearing them for storytime tonight." Join us for stories, songs and fun (with or without your jammies).
March 21st at 7pm - West Jordan Library

Speed Stacking Club
School-age kids. Join the Speed Stacking craze! Learn how to stack and unstack your cups with dazzling speed. Compete against yourself and others to win prizes. It's fun! It's amaz...
March 24th at 4pm - West Jordan Library

Lullabies At The Library
Bring your little ones to an evening of lullabies and bedtime stories. Singer/guitarist Joe Criswell will entertain you with classic sing-along songs, mellow melodies and some sweet bedtime stories. Children may wear their pajamas if they like.
March 21st at 7pm - West Valley Library

Whole Body Laughter Improv Class For Teens
Get ready to have fun! Improv is spontaneous, creative and lots of laughs. Using a variety of techniques and activities you will create scenarios for fun. Designed especially for teens.
March 24th at 6pm - Whitmore Library

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