Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

The 2011 Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is coming up May 12th - 16th, but registration is going on now! Tours and events fill up fast, so get registered as soon as possible!

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival offers you many field trip opportunities to visit Great Salt Lake and see  large numbers of birds.  You can choose to bird by horseback, canoe, kayak, boat, bicycle, bus, or van.  Each field trip is carefully planned to get you to great birding spots.  Guided field trips also included many birding areas in northern Utah near the Wyoming and Idaho borders.  If you haven’t visited Utah before, now is a good time to come. 

This is the 13th annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival.  The Festival also includes a Friday, the 13th.  To have fun with this coincidence we have added a workshop on BATS.  We will also have opportunities for you to see local bat habitat.  This is a perfect way to enjoy Friday, the 13th.

There are also many fun events for kids!!!

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