Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Lives Exhibit To Close

After two years, it is time for BYU’s Museum of Peoples and Cultures (MPC) to say goodbye to its exhibit New Lives: Building Community at Fourmile Ruin.  The exhibit will be taken down Saturday, April 9.

New Lives focuses on an Anasazi pueblo in east-central Arizona.  The exhibit explores changes that occurred at Fourmile Ruin as migrants, who were escaping a drought, and the local population worked together to forge a new identity for themselves.

“New Lives teaches visitors that the Anasazis’ lives were not so different from how we live today,” Anna McKean, promotions manager at the MPC said. “We are just living a few centuries apart, that’s all.”

The exhibit was created and designed by students at BYU.  Nearly 38,000 people have visited New Lives since its opening in April of 2009.  New Lives has played host for many tours, scout groups, and visitors, showing them just how significant little details can be.  A Survivor Date Night held on April 8 will be the last event of the exhibit.

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