Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Leprechaun And Traps

Today we made a cute little leprechaun out of a toilet paper roll. For instructions on how to make this, go to our St Patrick's Day page and there is a video at the bottom of the page. We made ours a little different and improvised because we didn't have pipe cleaners.

We also set up traps tonight to catch the leprechaun. The kids found a shoe box, painted it and set it up. I love how they can each come up with their own ideas! 

Hopefully we catch him this year! We set a trap up every year, and somehow he outsmarts us! If we DO catch him, we get all of his gold, and all the wishes in the world! If we don't catch him, he gets mad that we set a trap for him, and causes all kinds of chaos in our house: he turns our milk green, turns our toilet water green (even after we flush, it keeps coming back green!), hangs green streamers all over the house, spreads green surprises all over, and one year he even got into our green paint and left little footprints all over the kitchen!

Whew, I hope we catch him this year, because I am not up for cleaning up his mess again!

WOW, you should see the mess we woke up to this morning! That crazy leprechaun!
We better catch him next year, because I am not up for cleaning up his messes! :)
Gold coins
in the hallway

"Look mom! Leprechaun footprints!!!"

Napkins tapes
to doors and walls


  1. Awe I wish I would have thought of stuff like that I think its too late now (my oldest is 9 in 2 weeks) dang it!!!! By the way how do you get the toilet to keep coming back green?

  2. That crazy leprechaun put gree food coloring in the tank of the toilet, so that when we flush it, it still comes back green (for a few times at least!)

    It isn't too late! You could set the trap for tonight! :)

  3. Good idea I will set it up for tonight thanks Michelle


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