Monday, April 11, 2011

More FREE Places To Check Out!

Reader Melanie Anderson wrote in to tell us about a few FREE fun places that her and her family like to visit:

:They have a program where children can be "detectives" by checking out a detective box from the front desk.  The detective box has lots of little objects inside and the kids get to find the objects in the paintings.  Fun for all ages, even my 2 year old can do it; my kids have been begging to go back and be detectives again!" - Melanie Anderson
(Maybe we wil have to check this out for our Summer Adventure Series! It sounds like a blast!)
The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum is located at Brigham Young University. The museum was opened to the public in 1978, is accredited by the American Association of Museums and maintains membership in the Natural Science Collections Alliance. Research collections of vascular and non vascular plants, invertebrate and vertebrate animals are maintained and made available to research scientists and educators. Public exhibits and educational programs are offered.
One of the largest and best attended art museums in the Mountain West, the Museum of Art offers a dynamic exhibition schedule that includes displays of its permanent collection, world-class traveling shows and unique temporary exhibitions that fulfill the Museum unique mandate.
The BYU Museum of Paleontology was built in 1976 to prepare, display, and house the rock and dinosaur fossils collected by Dr. James A. Jensen and his crews. Over decades of field work, Dr. Jensen and crews gathered fossils from locations in Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. For years, the vast collections of the unprepared field jackets were stored under the BYU football stadium. Now, with the new 5,000 square-foot addition, and years of laboratory preparation, nearly all of the fossils are kept at the museum in the collections room.
My kids LOVE going here! There is plenty to see, for kids and parents of all ages and religions!
Thanks Melanie!

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