Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Series: Where Was It Taken?

You may have noticed our blog looks a little bit different! I have been looking for a template that I can customize, as well as change up a bit according to the season. I found exactly what I was looking for with Premades For A Purpose. Her designs are SO cute, customizable, and much less than what others were charging for blog design. You may also notice that she creates designs for a great raise funds to adopt a sweet baby! Check out Premades For A Purpose.

Our newest series and feature: WHERE WAS IT TAKEN?!
There are three pictures at the top of our blog. Can you guess where they were taken? These pictures will be changed from time to time. Leave a comment below of where you think these pictures were taken.
1. Playing soccer in the fall leaves

Previous Pictures:

1. The Gateway
2. View from Ensign Peak
3. St George

#1: A historic place

#2: One of our family's favorite Utah vacation spots

#3: A favorite July event

(Great job Aubrey! You got all of them correct!)

 Utah State Capitol, taken atop the Church Office Building
Atop the Church Office Building is the best place to view Salt Lake City and decide where you want to visit! You can see everything from up there, and they haev a tour guide that shows you different sites.
Ophir Ghost Town We really love visiting Ophir in Tooele County! It is such a fun little ghost town, and lots to see!
This is my absolute favorite park! There is something magical about it!

Have fun, and we hope you enjoy this new feature and blog design!


  1. 1-Utah State capital taken from North Temple

    2- Ophir

    3- RedButte gardens.

  2. #2 is the only one that is correct. #2 is Ophir. :)

    #1 was not taken from North Temple, and #3 is not at Red Butte Gardens.

    Try again! :)

  3. 1 was taken from the top of the Church Office Building :D

  4. #1 taken from top of Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg?
    #3 IDK could be any river or stream in utah

  5. Yes! #1 was taken atop the church office building! :) (NOT Joseph Smith Memorial Building, AKA Hotel Utah, but that was an excellent guess!)

    #3 still has not been guessed correctly! Instead of thinking streams and rivers in Utah, think of PARKS in Utah. ;)

  6. Memory Grove Park for number 3!!

  7. You got it! #3 is Memory Grove Park! :)

  8. #2 Salt lake city. I can't remember the name of the hotel I want to say Grand America?

    #3 Saltair?

  9. oh and that Zions bank bulding in the background on #2 is on 300 S. and Main (I know that much)!

  10. Nope ,it's not the Grand America. HINT: It's having its 100 year anniversary this year. The name of it now is NOT the name of it when it first opened.

    #3 is NOT Saltair, or anywhere in that area.

  11. #1 Gilgal Garden
    #2 Joseph Smith Memorial building
    #3 no clue lol!

  12. number 1 is Gilgal Garder's sculptures

  13. #1 This is the Place state park
    #3 Cabela's

  14. The top three pictures,
    #1 Gardner Village Bridge
    #2 St George
    #3 24 days parade Preview

  15. I want to new pictures
    #1 (Obviously lol) Woodland Utah
    #2 Nobletts?
    3. (Obviously lol) Salt Lake City Cemetary
    So really my only guess is Nobletts for number 2 :)

  16. Yes, you got it! Woodland, Nobletts, and SLC Cemetery! :)

  17. YAY!!!!! Lucky guess I suppose lol


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