Friday, April 08, 2011

Slightly New Format

Because there are always SO many events going on around Utah, it has become nearly impossible for me to post them all! I could spend all day doing nothing but posting events, and still not get them all!

Utah is just too much fun! :) still keep you updated on events, and keep my sanity, I have changed my format slightly:

The free events page now has a google calendar on it. All of the events on this calendar are FREE events. That way you can see what free events are going on on a specific day by looking at the calendar, and not having to wait for me to post a list.

Upcoming Events will be added to the regular calendar, even if they do not have a post about them. The information about that event will be in the notes on the calendar. Up until now, I have posted about an event, and then added it to the calendar. Instead, I will be concentrating on adding events to the calendar, and then posting about them if needs be. Keep reading our posts, but don't rely on them for upcoming events; instead, rely on the calendar page for that information! Our calendar contributor, Tonya, has done an excellent job at keeping up on adding upcoming events to our calendar. Thanks Tonya!

(If you would like to sync the Enjoy Utah! calendar and also our FREE Events Calendar with your own calendar for easy viewing, let me know! Email me your email address at and I will "share" the calendars with you. Right now anybody can view it, but if I "share" it with you, you will be able to add the entire calendar to sync with your smartphone, making it easily accesible on the go! I will be posting a video tutorial on how to do this in the near future!)

The Main Posts will be about things around Utah that I feel are most important that they need a post about them. This will include seasonal activities, historical places, stuff like that, just like before. Upcoming events will also still be included in the main posts, just not as many as before. They will mainly be on the calendar.

Everything else is mainly going to stay the same. I have just had to re-prioritize my posting so that we are both benefitting from the information on Enjoy Utah!, and everything is easily accesible!

If you have any feedback you would like to give me on this new format, feel free to leave it in the comments below, or email me at

Thanks! Enjoy Utah!'s readers are the BEST! :)

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