Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer of Salt: Sun Tunnels

Last week, the Summer Of Salt group celebrated the summer solstice in a unique way with sun tunnels. Check out their recap on their blog, and stay tuned to them for more Summer Of Salt activities!

If you have ever thought of Great Salt Lake as a dead sea,this blog is for you.

Maybe you know that the Lake is a haven for wildlife -millions of birds from all over the world stop here to rest, dine on brine shrimp and brine flies, or raise their young before they migrate to warmer climates. But the Lake is not just for the birds, bugs and shrimp.

The Lake is an invaluable resource for people, too.

Whether you seek solitude or adventure, a livelihood or an escape - the Lake has provided for the people on her shores forthousands of years - and is right at your fingertips.

This summer, join us as we explore both the nature and people of Great Salt Lake.

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