Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Thanks to everybody who came to the Utah State Capitol tour today!

Unfortunately we had to be split into two different groups to go on the tour, but it was fun otherwise! (Those of you that were in the first group...do you remember the name of your tour guide? I want to make sure to send our tour guides a thank you note!)

View a video below of tour highlites.

If you took any fun pictures that you wouldn't mind sharing, I would LOVE to have them for this post! Email them to me at michelle@enjoyutah.org or post them on our Facebook page with the comment "Utah State Capitol Tour" and I will grab them and post them here!

I absolutely LOVED hearing all the questions your kids asked! My cute neighbor's daughter was standing by me while I was filming, and she asked such great questions!

My kids had this to say about their favorite things they learned:
(What did your kids enjoy learning about?)
  • All the gold in the building
  • Learning about the "Tornado Desk"
  • Where they make the laws
  • Finding the pictures on the scavenger hunt/bingo
  • The glass ceiling/floor
  • All the beehives in the building
  • The cool paintings

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