Friday, July 08, 2011

Summer Hair Series: Messy Bun

During the hot summer months, spending a lot of time on your hair is just not an option. Thanks to Babes In Hairland, today we are launching our SUMMER HAIR SERIES. Babes In Hairland will be bringing you some fun hair ideas that won't take a long time to do, and still keep you looking great!

Spend less time on your hair, and more time out enjoying Utah!

The messy bun is a perfect way to have your hair up and off your neck, but still look great! This hairstyle is great for the pool, a day at the park, or a formal wedding.

Babes In Hairland gives us a few different options of how to work this hairstyle:

Messy bun for long hair
Long Hair Messy Bun
For those with long hair, the messy bun may get saggy throughout the day. She shows us a great way to keep it secure and messy at the same time, without getting that sag by the end of the day. View the complete tutorial and video HERE.

Messy bun the easy way
Messy Bun: The Easy Way
Here she shows us an easy way to do the messy bun. Starting out with an easy pony tail, and using bobby pins, this is a great way to secure that messy bun look. View the tutorial HERE and the video HERE.

Dressed up messy bun
Dressed Up Messy Bun
Perfect for a formal wedding or event, this dressed up messy bun is easy to do! View the complete tutorial HERE.

Half up messy bun
Half Up Messy Bun
A perfect hairstyle for when you want to wear it down, but do not want your hair in your face. View the complete tutorial HERE.

Visit Babes In Hairland for more fun hair ideas, and stay tuned next Friday for more of our summer hair series!

View more summer hair ideas HERE.

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