Thursday, July 28, 2011

Worldwide On 25

On Tuesday, August 2, Historic 25th Street invites you to join us downtown for "Worldwide on 25" from 5:30 - 9:00 pm. This event will feature over sixteen local and independent restaurants from Weber County offering "taste portions" of their favorite featured items. In addition 240 International folk performers from seven countries and 350 World Cup Archery athletes from approximately 35 countries will blend with community residents to enjoy the second annual "Worldwide on 25."

The event will kick off at 5:30 pm with a parade from the Ogden Amphitheater strolling down Historic 25th Street toward Union Station and ending on the quaint 100 block of Historic 25th Street. The dancers and singers will perform traditional dancing and singing from their country while dressed in colorful and beautiful costumes as well as teach their cultural dances to event guests. World Cup Archery athletes will also demonstrate their sport. The action will be swirling as chefs from local restaurants provide sampling portions of their favorite items for the public to purchase. 'Worldwide on 25' is free to the public. Patrons can purchase food tickets at $1.00 per ticket or 12 for $10.00. Patrons will redeem their purchased tickets at restaurant booths of their choice. Restaurant sampling portions will be priced at two to five tickets. All types of beverages will also be available for purchase.

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